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Datavail Delta

Database Activity Monitoring and Messaging

Skip the Problems with Delta, Fix Issues Faster, All with Less Tickets.

Datavail Delta© was designed to leverage the extensive breadth of expertise and real-life application experience our DBAs have, and offer greater flexibility to monitor and manage our clients’ environments.

Within the program, Datavail Delta provides a centralized monitoring tool, issue repository and messaging infrastructure for all users to access collected data 24x7x365. Our customer portal makes it easy to enter ticketing information and ensure optimal collaboration from the cloud.

We organize database-related information into seven key areas that match the way you operate, and monitor only the metrics that are most critical to our success. Our tool offers all the information you need – no more, no less.

  • Availability
  • Configuration
  • Backups
  • Scheduled Jobs
  • Security and Compliance
  • Performance
  • Capacity Planning

Cost Savings and Streamlined 24x7x365 Support

Datavail Delta eliminates the upfront license, hardware, installation, configuration and maintenance costs of implementing your own monitoring infrastructure. It also frees your internal DBA resources to address more critical tasks by eliminating many of the costly and time-consuming processes of deciphering and reconciling duplicate, missing and inaccurate database alerts. In addition, our expert DBAs come packaged within the service to immediately respond to and resolve your most critical issues.

Key Delta Functionality:

  • Customizable default metrics, allowing DBAs to gain valuable understanding of database health and performance
  • History and trend tracking empower DBAs to build reports detailing performance
  • A client web portal to deliver an easy, intuitive dashboard to check database status, tickets and performance anytime, anywhere
  • The use of only 200MB of disk space and 30MB of memory means that Delta is a light application with virtually no load on your CPU
  • Enhanced SharePoint monitoring features to address issues with pieces of your SharePoint site, such as the application pool, timer jobs and site down

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