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Digital Workplace Solutions

A comprehensive digital workplace provides a competitive advantage. Digital workplace technology has evolved to the point where many companies can create an all-encompassing digital workplace. In today’s world, the advantages these companies see are not only impressive, but essential.

Years Ago, the Digital Workplace Was Just a Dream

Today, the technology – and our ability to take advantage of it – has evolved to the point where many companies are creating a digital workplace, and many others are positioning themselves to do the same. The advantages these companies see are impressive.

The Digital Workspace: An Agile Work Environment

You can create a digital workplace by using technology to align people and processes. The result is an environment that provides technology to support:
  • Open and easy communication among employees
  • Improved ability to discover and access business information, and then share it quickly
  • Improved collaboration
  • Integrating a wide range of business information into business processes
  • An agile work environment
Typically, as an organization grows, its technology is developed to address needs as they arise. This usually results in siloed systems that support one specific business process, but don’t help to support the organization as a whole.

In a digital workplace, siloed applications are integrated into one “new” intranet that builds connections within an organization, as well as with partners and customers.

The Best Digital Workplace Solutions With Datavail


Our expert digital workplace consultants will work with you to define your needs and develop a roadmap to achieve your goals.

Governance Models

Security is an important issue to address when you make business information more accessible to the organization. We will work with you to define models for content, corporate and technical requirements.

Adoption Plans

Implementing digital office technology will affect virtually every employee. Our insight into adoption plans will ensure that your communications and training prepare employees to understand the potential that new systems offer, and feel comfortable using them.


You can leverage your existing investment in SharePoint to support a better way of doing business. We will help you complete the required migrations, such as going from SharePoint on-premises to Microsoft Office 365.

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How Your Organization Can Benefit From a Digital Workplace

  • Provides a new level of competitive advantage by breaking information and communication barriers, and improving collaboration to achieve objectives more effectively
  • Attracts new hires and increases engagement of all employees
  • Employee retention increases by up to 87 percent when employee engagement is improved
  • Significantly reduces the high cost of finding information, which typically occupies up to 61 percent of a knowledge worker’s time
In summary, a digital workplace supports innovation, improves organizational agility and gives your organization a way to compete more effectively.

If you’re looking for ways to grow your business, contact us about our comprehensive digital workplace services.

Today’s Intranet: The Epicenter of the Digital Workplace

The technology building blocks to support the digital workplace have evolved. For example, Office 365 represents a suite of applications that operate in the cloud and form the basis for a true digital workplace. It has become the natural home for the corporate intranet using SharePoint.

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