Oracle Expertise & Consultants

Datavail’s Oracle DBA Experts Step Up When You Need Them

With an average of 15 years of experience, Datavail’s Oracle DBA experts have encountered every challenge and you can rest assured that those who know the tricks of the trade manage your database. Our Oracle database administrators can guide you through strategic initiatives and routine management. This breadth of experience has enabled us to provide successful management for smaller operations to larger environments up to 50TB databases.

Our Oracle database administration experts are experienced with:

  • Oracle SR Management
  • Oracle Custom Scripts
  • WebLogic
  • Oracle Disaster Recovery
  • Oracle Performance Tuning
  • GoldenGate
  • High Availability
  • Cloning
  • Very Large Database (VLDB)

Oracle Exadata Support:

If you are looking for cloud computing “in a box,” Datavail has the Exadata Database Machine and Exadata Storage Server expertise you are looking for. We deliver the highest level of database performance available for your OLTP and data warehousing needs in conjunction with the business best practices and a blend of certified training and real-world, hands-on experience.

Our team of expert DBAs can help you though the implementation phase of Exadata’s architecture, key capabilities, installation, configuration and migration. Once up and running, Datavail can then provide reliable, ongoing support of Exadata monitoring, optimization and maintenance.