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Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Solutions

Store Data for Fast and Efficient Querying and Analysis

An enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is one of the most critical components of any organization’s BI and analytics solution.

By pulling together data from disparate sources into a single, unifying repository, a data warehouse gives high-level executives and key decision makers quick and efficient access to the information necessary to make effective business-oriented decisions.

Datavail has spent years perfecting our methodology for Data Warehouse and Analytics projects so customers can see that generating an enterprise or department-wide central repository for their key data and KPIs should be a work of art tailored to their business needs.

Datavail’s data warehousing experts can perform the following tasks for your organization:

  • Determine the individual goals, objectives, and business processes for your organization to lay out a blueprint for success.
  • Design a comprehensive and functional data warehouse dimensional model (OLAP, star schema, snowflake schema, etc).
  • Develop operational data stores (ODS) for interim data storage.
  • Identify and define the type of data being stored and the sources being used.
  • Launch a tiered deployment to ensure successful implementation.
  • Leverage ETL best practices, including development, tuning, and maintenance.
  • Perform regular maintenance, tuning, and backups.
  • Support for Microsoft, Oracle, and MySQL technologies.

Benefits of a Data Warehouse:

  • Data is readily available and easy to access.
  • “One Source of the Truth” centralized data integrity.
  • Maintains consistent and accurate historical data.
  • Speeds up querying and analysis.

Datavail can work with your team to ensure your data warehouse is designed, implemented, and monitored to conform to your organization’s unique needs. Speak to an expert by filling out the form to the right.

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