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Application Performance Management (APM) Solutions

Datavail has the leading Application Performance Management platform for smooth operation of Oracle solutions.

What is Datavail’s Performance Management Platform?

Datavail’s Application Performance Management (APM) platform is the only enterprise APM solution to enable both IT and Business users to manage and optimize the use of their enterprise applications. By working from a common Datavail APM platform, IT and Business users can work collaboratively from a common set of data and analytics to create a high-performance environment for their mission critical applications.

Developed by Accelatis, a group of Hyperion technologists, to rapidly deliver long-term value to Oracle Hyperion EPM clients’ global user base through unprecedented visibility and flexibility to manage their applications. Datavail acquired Accelatis in July 2017.

Oracle Platinum Partner

We know Oracle – inside and out – and our partner status proves it. It reflects a level of certifications, expertise and voluminous experience that demonstrates our proficiency.

Problem-solving design

Datavail helps monitor, manage and report at all levels of the Oracle EPM environment, from IT/Infrastructure through application administration to solving problems that face your CFO. Datavail lets you enjoy more insight and better performance while avoiding the all too common frustrations of excessive guesswork, system downtime, and user complaints.

The Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Proficiency Model helps gauge your current approach and processes to solve your EPM challenges. Datavail helps our clients evolve to the level they desire to deliver the performance they demand.

We empower our EPM clients to operate at the most efficient level allowing them to focus more on their business and less on managing their infrastructure. By taking a comprehensive approach to APM, our clients benefit from the full cycle of product tuning, monitoring, issue resolution, optimization and user simulations. All these benefits work together to provide greater value than point solutions.

Comprehensive application and system monitoring

Our solution works across the Oracle EPM cloud and on-premises applications suites – EPM Cloud, Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), Planning, and Essbase along with the associated products such as SmartView, Shared Services, Reports and Financial Data Quality Management.


Schedule a Demo of Our APM Platform

Whether you’re struggling with Hyperion crashes, user complaints, frequent reboots, or are simply preparing for the future, a demonstration of our application performance management (APM) platform will show you how easy and intuitive performance testing and monitoring can be.


The Platform


Understanding and tracking changes in the system between two points in time.

Help Desk

Automated correlation of infrastructure data, user performance, and system performance with support tickets.

Performance Monitoring

Dashboards, Reports, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) constantly provide you with the details you need from across your entire system in real time.


Streamline business and IT tasks across the organization.

Log Management

Graphic visualization of log information allows for faster analysis of important messages.

Performance Testing Suite

Designed to overcome the challenges when using more traditional automation tools, such as HP LoadRunner and MS Visual Studio.

Environment Management

Maintaining your EPM environment involves accessing many system components to get a complete snapshot of your system’s health.


Identify bottlenecks in Essbase Calcs and HFM Business rules.

User Experience Monitoring

Deep insight into user actions, behaviors and system impact in real time.

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