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Containerization Services

Today’s IT landscape demands developer precision and flexibility with speedy delivery in response to user-driven markets. Drive modernization within your organization through containerized applications.

Container Deployment

The success of your organization’s business outcomes depends on how fast you as an IT organization can pivot and deliver new features and innovations to your customer base to stay relevant in your marketplace; cloud-based business models are enabling IT organizations to do the same, and driving the need for cloud modernization of existing applications.

One of the best methods to drive cloud modernization, which provides a balance between the risk and rewards, is replatforming. Replatforming is an effective way to quickly start reaping the benefits of portability, faster go-to-market, lower cost of ownership, and a pathway to microservices.

What Are Containerized Applications?

Containers are a virtualization technology that bundles up an application’s source code together with its libraries, dependencies, and settings, creating an abstraction independent of the underlying environment. This enables the containerized application to run predictably and reliably, no matter where you’re executing it.

Organizations are now deploying their applications across a wider variety of machines and infrastructure than ever before. Unfortunately, much enterprise IT is still wedded to legacy hardware and software that carry serious technical debt and operational costs.

Benefits of Containerization

Companies that embrace containers as their preferred corporate computing environment report a faster and better response to emerging trends and opportunities. Additional benefits of containerization include:

Cost Savings

Containers consume fewer computer and memory resources, and using the open-source programming available for containers reduces or eliminates the licensing costs charged by proprietary service vendors.

Reduced time-to-market by speeding the product development, testing, and delivery cycle

Using containers across all environments allows for faster, more comprehensive testing that results in better, higher quality products, too.

Lower IT maintenance costs

Containers help to eliminate the bottlenecks caused by failures with legacy monoliths and their resulting IT expenses.

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Containerization Services with Datavail

Getting started with containerization may seem like a daunting task if you’ve never worked with the technology before. That’s why more and more organizations are working with managed services partners like Datavail for their container needs.

Datavail offers a wide variety of application development and integration services, including containerization. As a Microsoft Partner, Datavail has more than 200 application development professionals and over 15,000 projects successfully completed.

Our Containerization Services Include

Strategic Consulting

Datavail offers many different consulting services to fit our clients’ needs with containerization—everything from roadmaps and strategic planning to design and performance tuning.

Automation and Orchestration

Datavail can help you automate your container deployment, management, and scaling, ensuring that users enjoy high levels of availability and reliability.

Application Modernization

As a skilled application development partner, Datavail can help refresh and modernize your legacy software. Our services include “SaaS-ifying” applications by migrating them to the cloud, rearchitecting and refactoring existing applications, replatforming, and shifting monolithic applications to a microservices-based architecture.

Containerization Technology


An open-source technology for building, deploying and sharing containerized software applications.


An open-source technology used for managing and orchestrating large numbers of containers on a cluster of machines.

How Companies Can Use Containers to Modernize Legacy Applications

The ultimate value of containerization is to improve the value and functionality of your legacy assets while enhancing your company’s competitiveness using cutting-edge technology.

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