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Log Management

The complex business applications of today’s environment are comprised of many moving parts that are often developed separately and then retrofitted to work with one another.

Graphic visualization of log information allows for faster analysis of important messages. Timeline alignment enables matching log information with system performance metrics in a centralized console.

Allow administrators to spend less time learning to understand multiple log files and formats, and spend more time on value added root cause analysis.

  • Analyze any log in a standardized format
  • Best practice archiving of log information
  • Best practice management and purging of logs
  • Alignment of multiple logs on a single screen
  • Enables side by side analysis of log information juxtaposed to system KPIs

Success Summary – Simplified Root Cause Analysis

An Essbase Administrator at a Fortune 100 company would take several minutes to open a multi-gigabyte Essbase log file and navigate to a specific time period now accomplishes the same task in seconds. She further simplified the process by adding filters that would only retrieve records that matched specific criteria relevant to the different types of searches she performed

Web application servers, business logic servers, application servers and database applications are all required components that need to be monitored. Much of the information required to understand health and operations can be buried in log files or tables. These logs exist in different formats and locations, and often contain thousands of records of non-essential information that can hide the important messages an administrator needs.

Datavail’s Application Performance Management (APM) platform, developed by Hyperion experts at Accelatis, allows for centralized and consistent visualization of important log information, allowing administrators to utilize the important information contained in logs without having to parse and normalize the multitude of formats and locations in which logs exist.

In addition, Datavail enables best practices for log management and archiving to make sure that log overruns don’t cause system problems while also ensuring the most important information is preserved for audit purposes.

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