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Learn more about Datavail, our services, and how our expert DBAs can help your organization with all your database administration needs by watching our collection of videos below. Filter by role, service area, and technology to find what you need quickly and easily.

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Packing Essentials

Packing the Essentials for Your Journey to Cloud Analytics

Cloud computing can utterly transform your business processes for the better, but it's not a journey that you can make casually or overnight. Find out today what you need to do for your migration to the cloud by downloading Datavail's white paper.

Turning Customer Touchpoints Into Loyalty

Turning Customer Touchpoints into Insights that Drive Loyalty

We developed a white paper, Turning Customer Touchpoints into Insights that Drive Loyalty, to help you explore the opportunities for increasing loyalty within your customer base.

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9 Hyperion Myths

9 Hyperion Myths That Are Making You Less Effective

Download our white paper to find out how we explore and debunk 9 misconceptions of Hyperion Performance Management that are keeping you from effectively managing your platform so financial processes run smoothly.

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The Key to Elevating Customer Service? Human-Centered Self-Service from Navantis, a Datavail Company

By working with a customized solution from Datavail that combined managed services and dedicated services to provide support precisely where and when it was needed, the firm regained control over its large-scale database systems.

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Dolphin Data Sheet

Dolphin Contract Manager Data Sheet

As a custom designed and built application, Dolphin 365 takes advantage of the investment you have already made in Microsoft Office 365.

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AWS reInvent

See Datavail’s Presentation at AWS re:invent

Datavail presented at AWS re:Invent alongside our customer, Sony DADC New Media Solutions and AWS Architects. The session dives deep on best practices and considerations for running Microsoft SQL Server on AWS.

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Accelatis KPI

KScope Accelatis – Black & Decker Presentation: KPI, Triggers, & Health Check

Part II of our co-presentation with Black & Decker at KScope 2017. We discuss KPI, triggers, and health checks in Hyperion using Accelatis software, a company recently acquired by Datavail.

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Accelatis Black & Decker

KScope Accelatis-Black & Decker Presentation Video: Health Checks

In the third and final portion of our joint KScope presentation, Black & Decker discusses the benefits of being able to track user behavior and activities using Accelatis (recently acquired by Datavail) software.

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Accelatis Performance Testing

Accelatis Kscope Health Checks

View the joint Kscope 2017 presentation with Accelatis - recently acquired by Datavail - and Stanley Black and Decker.

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Data Lakes Service Overview

Data Lake Strategy & Roadmap Service

Datavail’s Data Strategy & Roadmap Service will result in an ideal architecture plan and implementation roadmap that allows the ingestion of raw source data, subsequent processing, and outputs for enterprise analytics or self-service BI capabilities.

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Data Lakes

Data Lakes Infographic

As data availability increases and technology becomes more sophisticated, organizing your data – and having access to it – continues to become more and more important.

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