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Dolphin 365

The Closest You’ll Get to Contracts Writing and Managing Themselves

A contract is a promise, Dolphin 365 helps you keep your promises.

Manage and track your contractual agreements, streamline your workflow, and keep a handle on your commitments.

Dolphin 365 is a feature-rich contract management software, developed for the Microsoft SharePoint platform, covering the full contract lifecycle management from request, creation, approval, storage, reporting and ongoing management of all contracts.

Features of Dolphin 365

  • Track progress and status of contracts throughout the lifecycle of creation, update and management
  • Real-time alerts to key stakeholders ensuring tasks along the approval process get addressed
  • Reports, and dashboards enables organizations to effectively manage all contracts and their contents, including dates, events, KPIs, obligations and much more – providing operational efficiency benefits as well as visibility to give immediate and detailed management and risk insight.
  • Business decisions happen in real-time and in today’s global economy companies need immediate answers from their data.

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