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Open-Source Database Managed Support and Services

Get Enterprise Support to Harness Open-Source Database Benefits for Your Mission-Critical Workloads.

Open-Source Database Experts

Open-source databases have a lot going for them, from breaking you free from commercial database licensing costs to offering extensibility through vibrant third-party developer communities. However, a lack of commercial support can hold your organization back from taking these databases into production.

You don’t have to worry about that any longer. Datavail’s open-source database experts can help you deploy, operate, and optimize your enterprise solutions. Get 24x7x365 support and project services for:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • MariaDB
  • Couchbase

We can help wherever your open-source databases live, covering on-premises, AWS, Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

With dedicated database practices across leading commercial and open-source database technologies, we also have the capabilities and experience in modernizing SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM Db2 to your open-source databases of choice.

Are You Facing One of These Common Open-Source Database Situations?

  • You acquired open-source databases that you don’t have expertise in following a merger or acquisition.
  • Your application developers want to use an open-source database, but your in-house DBA team is specialized in another technology.
  • Your databases were architected by developers and are facing scaling issues as your business grows.
  • Your database performance has been slowly degrading over time.
  • DBAs are burned out from late-night emergencies and low-level work.
  • You don’t have enough coverage for 24x7x365.
  • You have a single point of failure with your DBA.
  • Your open-source database costs are growing faster than expected.

Get open-source database peace of mind with Datavail. We offer comprehensive 24x7x365 operational support to help you keep the lights on, and access to senior DBA resources to support your strategic initiatives.

Stop your databases from getting in the way of your business goals. Fill out the form on this page to  explore how Datavail’s open-source database managed support and services can empower your organization to reach new heights.

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Cloud Overview

Our Open-Source Database Services Allow You To…

  • Sleep soundly knowing your databases are monitored 24x7x365.
  • Free up your staff to focus on high-value projects versus operational work.
  • Access our entire senior team’s collective experience with open-source databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, and MariaDB.
  • Stay on top of your system health through regular and proactive database assessments, backed by monitoring from our proprietary cloud-based database automation tool, Datavail TechBoostTM.
  • Get guidance on database architecture, integration, migrations, tuning, and more from experts across on-prem, hybrid, and cloud environments.
  • Identify optimization opportunities through regular database health checks and 24×7 proactive monitoring.
  • Easily perform upgrades, cloud migrations, maintenance, and more for your open-source databases.
  • Continually improve database efficiency through expert performance tuning.
  • Boost system performance during peak traffic through database optimization.
  • Reduce critical incidents while improving system uptime and availability.
  • Right-size your support needs with fractional DBA resources.
  • Optimize your database costs.
  • Improve query performance through query analysis and optimization.
  • Leverage our partnerships with leading open-source platforms like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and more.

Now More than Ever: 10 Reasons You Need Half a DBA

Nearly all companies need database administrators, but not all companies need a full-time DBA. Sometimes you have a one-time need, like during a transition to a new platform, a surge in overflow work, or covering technical skill gaps left by staff turnover. Other times, there’s a persistent need for fractional services, like providing overnight support or covering for DBAs on vacation leave.

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