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MariaDB as a Service & MariaDB Database Administration Support

Expect Expert MariaDB DBA Support from Datavail

MariaDB powers workloads from small startups to large-scale enterprises with massive volume and high transaction rates.

No matter which category your organization falls under, Datavail’s MariaDB DBAs have the expertise to support your operation and help you get the most out of your systems and databases. Every one of our MariaDB DBAs works with a variety of clients, which provides them with substantial hands-on experience. They bring their unique expertise and knowledge to develop custom solutions perfectly suited for your organization’s scope, intended outcomes, and environment.

Datavail’s MariaDB experts have helped thousands of global customers resolve just about any database issue you can imagine. Your MariaDB support team will be led by a Primary MariaDB DBA to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations 24×7 in all the services we provide. Datavail combines a proven delivery model with industry-leading expertise to become your top selection for MariaDB database support.

Datavail MariaDB Database Administration Services

Improve returns on your IT investments with Datavail’s help. We increase your productivity, cut your expenses, and keep your mission-critical data safe and sound. When you work with us, we customize our services to match your current and future needs for business growth. Whether you deploy MariaDB on premise, in the cloud or as part of a hybrid solution, you can trust that Datavail can take your growth to the next level. Some examples of ways we can work with your organization include supplementing your in-house MariaDB team, custom development projects, moving to an open source environment from commercial and offering end-to-end MariaDB as a Service support.

Datavail offers the following MariaDB services:


  • Migrations to Open source Databases
  • MariaDB Migrations to the Cloud
  • Database Architecture and Best Practices
  • MariaDB Database Development
  • Optimizing and Tuning Database Performance
  • Backup Management
  • Disaster Recovery and High Availability Solutions
  • Automating MariaDB Database Operations
  • Database Security & Auditing
  • Fully managed MariaDB Services Support
  • Database Monitoring Solutions
  • Database Patches and Upgrades
  • MariaDB Data Encryption
  • MariaDB SSL Implementation

Supported MariaDB & MariaDB Products and Technologies

Since Datavail works with clients across many business sizes and industries, our specialist DBAs support a wide range of MariaDB products and technologies. You never need to compromise on your database project requirements.

  • MariaDB Platform (Enterprise Server and Community Server)
  • MariaDB Galera Cluster
  • MariaDB Replication (Primary/Replica, Multi-Primary)
  • MariaDB on AWS (EC2 and RDS)
  • Azure Database for MariaDB
  • MariaDB SkySQL
  • MariaDB MaxScale
  • MariaDB ColumnStore Analytics Engine
  • NoSQL with JSON Support
  • MariaDB Storage Engines (InnoDB, MyRocks, Spider, Aria, and more)

MariaDB is a versatile, flexible, and essential part of many business systems. Your database’s operation impacts everything from the quality of your customer experience to your data-driven decision making. Your MariaDB databases deserve the best in support and services.

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