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Amazon QuickSight Consulting Services

Garner Insights to Make Decisions

As the amount of data grows every day, organizations are increasingly seeing more opportunity to use it to their advantage for reaching and even surpassing their goals. For example, even if a fraction of the data could be accurately mined, modeled and analyzed, organizations could garner insights that would allow them to make decisions that would take them well ahead of their competition.

Business Intelligence (BI) technology and tools can help companies to analyze, create reports, visualize their data, and convert it into valuable, actionable information.

What is Amazon QuickSight?

Amazon QuickSight is a fully-managed, cloud-based BI and analytics service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that enables organizations to create and analyze data visualizations, and extract easy-to-understand insights to facilitate informed business decision-making.

Additionally, the interactive dashboards QuickSight creates can be seamlessly embedded into portals, websites and applications. It is also highly scalable, with the potential to support thousands of users without the need for additional infrastructure hardware and maintenance.

Datavail, an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner for applications, databases and analytics, has helped hundreds of organizations manage and analyze their data using AWS tools and technologies. We can help you to expertly implement, develop, optimize and support your BI, analytics and visualization initiatives.

Amazon QuickSight Consulting Services with Datavail

Datavail has helped hundreds of companies turn their data into valuable business insights. We combine our deep understanding of AWS databases and storage platforms, data integration tools, and BI and analytics platforms, with forward-thinking cloud leadership to give you a comprehensive vision.

We can help you set up and optimize the following in Amazon QuickSight:

Connecting and scaling your data

Connect to all your data in AWS, third-party clouds, or on-premises. Additionally, combine data from multiple sources and create complex data models for controlled data sharing and access.

Building customizable dashboards

Create use-case specific dashboards, and deliver personalized email reports, notifications and alerts for end-users.

Leveraging Machine Learning (ML) integrations for insights

Amazon QuickSight utilizes ML technology to process large amounts of data to detect anomalies and variations. It employs ML to also forecast business metrics and perform interactive “what-if” analysis with point-and-click capability.

Facilitating Amazon QuickSight Q for natural language querying

QuickSight Q is a natural language querying capability in QuickSight. Users can ask questions, and within a few seconds receive accurate answers with relevant visualizations.

Allowing BI for everyone with QuickSight Q

Ask conversational questions of your data and use Q’s ML-powered engine to receive relevant visualizations without the time consuming data preparation from authors and admins.

Customizing and embedding dashboards

QuickSight enables users to customize their dashboards with various themes and embed them into existing applications.

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Cloud Overview

Why Amazon QuickSight for Your Analytics?

Amazon QuickSight allows everyone in your organization to understand your data by asking questions in natural language, exploring through interactive dashboards, or automatically looking for patterns and outliers powered by machine learning. Additional benefits include:
  • No servers to manage – Serverless architecture auto-scales to hundreds of thousands of users with high availability.
  • Pay by usage – With a pay-per-session model for dashboard readers (consumers), users won’t incur any upfront costs for licenses.
  • Security, governance, and compliance – Distribute dashboards and insights securely to multiple users, and manage users and content with role-based access control and SSO (single sign-on). QuickSight is also compliant with many industry standards.
  • Super-fast processing – Amazon QuickSight is built using SPICE, or Super-fast, Parallel, In-memory Calculation Engine, which makes it faster than other standard querying tools.
  • Self-service – Amazon QuickSight is easy to learn, and quick to get insights through a wide selection of different types of visualizations.
  • Easy integration – QuickSight provides easy integrations for cloud and on-premises data sources, third-party data, and AWS native sources.
  • Scalable – AWS QuickSight can be scaled across thousands of users that can use your data all at the same time.
  • Simple auto narratives – AWS QuickSight helps to automatically generate natural language narratives and include them in dashboards and reports for deeper context for end-users.
  • Mobility – Users can get insights from their data anytime, anywhere, on any device from any location. The mobile-optimized experience provides features such as drill-downs, filters, forecasting, email alerts and collaborative viewing and sharing. Users can access QuickSight via iOS, Android, or mobile web access.

Fill out the form on this page to contact one of our data analytics and BI experts to see how we can help you with your Amazon QuickSight and data reporting and visualization initiatives.

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