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User Experience Monitoring

Know What Your Users Are Doing

Unprecedented Real Time Visibility

  • Deep insight into user actions, behaviors and system impact in real time.
  • Identify the most active users and most utilized documents.
  • Conversely, identify users that have not logged in or documents that have not been used for a period of time.

Out of the box

Key activity libraries exist for major enterprise applications for immediate results.

Finance and IT Friendly

Detailed transactional views as well as statistical reports over time.

User Experience Monitoring from Multiple Locations

User experience can be captured and synthetically simulated from global locations both in the firewall or in the cloud.

View User Activity, Log Events and KPI graphs in real time on one screen.

Synthetic User Experience Test from Multiple Locations

Synthetic monitors can be established to detect performance issues from around the globe before users experience problems.

Real-Time Alerting

Alert off of any user activity event or performance threshold. In addition to singular events Datavail can alert on behaviors and patterns of activity. For example, you can be alerted to the following events while there is still time to prevent disruption or other negative side-effects.

  • User activity patterns
  • System event patterns


Reports you can receive include:

  • Transactional User Activity
  • Statistical Reports detailing environment usage over time
  • TopX: Top 10 Most/Least – Opened by User
  • End-User Performance by Location

Success Summary – Heavy Smartview Usage

A Global 500 client suspected that heavy Smartview usage was causing load on the Planning Web and Essbase servers but did not have any quantifiable data to confirm their suspicion. With Datavail User Experience Monitoring they saw a particular user refreshing sheets containing over 200,000 cells multiple times a minute and each refresh impacted multiple resources including CPU, Memory and Bandwidth in the Infrastructure. They were able to contact the user directly as Datavail provided the user name and discuss the need for frequent refreshing. They learned that the user only needed 1 sheet out of a 20 sheet workbook and was able to break up the workbook. The user received faster response times and the servers saw significantly less load for each refresh.

User Monitoring for Enterprise Applications

Datavail’s Application Performance Management (APM) platform features the ability to monitor actual user experience in your enterprise applications. We provide visibility across applications and platforms so you can correlate user activity with system performance.

Synthetic Monitoring for Applications

Datavail offers integrated synthetic monitoring for web applications to capture your critical web application response time and availability. Our platform makes it easy to correlate transactions for web applications from sites both within the firewall and around the globe. Actual locations and networks your customers use are integrated into the tests. Act on ‘soft-alerts’ when performance slows down but before actual problems occur for true proactive alerting.

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