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Cosmos DB

Get a fully-managed NoSQL database designed for 99.999 percent availability and lightning-fast query response times for your most important workloads.

What Is Cosmos DB?

Modern application development requires high-speed performance and guaranteed business continuity, no matter what scale you’re working with. Cosmos DB, a fully-managed NoSQL database service, sets your organization up with a limitless scale that can be provisioned nearly instantly across any region, real-time access with fast multi-region read and write latencies globally, and throughput and consistency all backed by SLAs.

Cosmos DB supports MongoDB, SQL, Gremlin, Table, and Cassandra databases through the use of APIs.

The Benefits of Cosmos DB

Cosmos DB offers the type of performance capable of supporting and scaling your mission-critical workloads, even when you’re working with massive databases. You get always-on availability and many other benefits, including:

Millisecond reads and writes

Cosmos keeps your response times under ten milliseconds, allowing you to get real-time capabilities and exceptional performance with your NoSQL databases.

Serverless options

You can run Cosmos DB as serverless for any resource-intensive workload that needs to scale dynamically an automatically based on workload.

Run analytics without ETL

You don’t need to use Extract, Transform, Load tools to get insights from your NoSQL databases. Via tight integration with Azure Synapse Analytics, Cosmos DB allows you to set up real-time analytics on your data without needing to move it to another data store.

Get high availability

Turnkey data replication speeds up your database’s reads and writes, and you can further improve your performance on a global scale with multi-region writes.

Robust Cassandra integration

Cosmos DB has an open-source API that tightly integrates with Cassandra.

Simplify Application Development

With integration between Cosmos DB and key Azure services used in modern (cloud-native) app development including Azure Functions, IoT Hub, AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service), App Service, and more.

Secure your data

With fine-tuned role-base access controls and enterprise-grade encryption-at-rest with self-managed keys.
Cosmos DB is a versatile NoSQL database service that delivers on the performance front. This solution provides plenty of benefits that ensure your modern applications have the resources and scale they need, when they need them. Fill out the form to get started with Cosmos DB.

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MongoDB to Azure Cosmos DB Migration Support

Datavail’s MongoDB to Cosmos DB in Azure uses a proven solution to deliver a proactive approach to migration resulting in reliable and high-performing Cosmos databases with minimal downtime and impact.

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