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Application Development & Management as a Service

Let our team of cloud experts develop your future-proofed application, or migrate an existing app to a better technology.

How We Build Applications for the Future

Datavail’s in-house app dev team thrives on the future of programming, and we understand how to bridge-forward older applications. Whether you’re exploring the cost-saving power of serverless, edge computing or working to containerize .NET, we have the expertise you need.

Discovery & Architecture

We gain a deep understanding of your existing applications, requirements, and goals in order to properly architect an application structure.

Cloud-ready Database

Your application’s cloud data structure is critical. We’ll plan the appropriate graph or relational database structure for growth, and help you choose the right cloud provider (we also support on-premise deployments).

DevOps Foundation

Future-proof applications require iteration, so our goal is to build your application around a complete DevOps process. We even provide DevOps as a Service! Once you experience the power of full CI/CD + containerization, you’ll never go back!

Cloud-computing Selection

Our experts work with everything from fully managed Amazon EC2 environments to advanced Azure Functions and AWS Lambda – a mixed approach may also be optimal.

How We Work on Your Application

Datavail provides enterprise-level application development, consultation, and management across all major cloud technologies. Our delivery model provides flexibility based on your needs.


Full Service

We’ll design & develop your entire application from the ground up or provide a sprint team to work towards your goals.



We’ll improve or enhance your existing application or your DevOps process.



We’ll support your team with fractional experts for specific tasks, monitoring, and projects.

Give us a call: 866-834-4810 or fill out the form on this page.

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Development Technologies We Leverage

  • Azure Pipelines
  • AWS CodePipeline
  • Docker & Kubernetes
  • Amazon EC2
  • Azure VM
  • AWS Lambda & Lambda@Edge
  • Azure Functions
  • All Modern & Cloud Databases
  • .NET
  • NodeJS
  • Angular
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JS
  • PowerBI, Tableau, OBIEE

How It Works

Featured Service

Sprint Teams as a Service

With Sprint Teams as a Service (STaaS), organizations get the exact service they need to build and maintain their applications at all times: A dedicated, fully-staffed, sprint team that comes in on demand to reprogram current technology and respond to new demands.

How You Can Leverage Custom Application Development Solutions

  • Containerize .NET Applications
  • Develop a Custom, Modern NodeJS App
  • Modernize a Legacy Application, On-premise or in the Cloud
  • Hire a Sprint Team to Work on Your Project
  • Architect & Build Your DevOps
  • Implement CI/CD
  • Hire Datavail for Application Monitoring
  • Partner with us using DevOps as a Service
  • Migrate Your Application to the Cloud
  • Optimize Your Application with Serverless Computing
  • Implement Custom BI/Analytics into Your Application

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