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AWS Glue Consulting Services

A fully managed data integration and ETL service.

Make Better Decisions with Better Data

Organizations who want to get more from their data analytics realize that raw data needs to be “cleaned” and transformed so that the data is reliable and credible, and that business decisions can be made using the insights gleaned from analyzing it. If the data being analyzed is not trustworthy, then decisions made using it will be erroneous and will not help organizations reach their end goals.

Cleaning, validating, categorizing, and migrating data between data streams and data stores is critical to making it usable for analytics. Without the right solutions, technology and tools, preparing data for storage in data warehouses and data lakes can be slow and vulnerable to errors. This is why it is imperative that organizations utilize appropriate data integration and ETL (extract, transform, load) solutions.

AWS Glue is a fully managed data integration and ETL service that makes it simple and cost-effective to categorize and validate data, clean it, enrich it, and migrate it consistently between data stores and data streams.

Datavail, an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner for applications, databases and analytics, has helped hundreds of organizations migrate, manage and analyze their data using AWS tools and technologies. We can help you to expertly implement, develop, optimize and support your data integration initiatives.

AWS Glue Consulting Services with Datavail

Datavail is composed of a team of Data Analytics experts, who have a wide range of expertise in helping customers of different sizes and industries turn raw data into valuable business insights.

We utilize our deep understanding of the complete data management and business intelligence process workflows – from data integration, data storage and data visualization, to advanced analytics – towards helping our clients take advantage of their data to get the most out of it – accurately and effectively.

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How Datavail Can Help

Allow Datavail to help you create a new custom AWS Glue platform or optimize an existing one. Our technical services include:

Strategic AWS Glue Consulting Services

Our team of data management and data integration experts will assess your environment to determine how to implement an optimum data processing platform with AWS Glue, and provide a road-map.

AWS Glue ETL Development

We construct an ETL process that is event-driven, that occurs automatically and sends data to storage or analytics as the data comes in.

AWS Glue Deployment

We will deploy AWS Glue with your data warehouses and processes, and set up triggers based on data migration workflows.

Integrated Data Catalog

The Datavail Team will set up a data catalog with AWS Glue, tailor the crawlers, and integrate it with the other data storage and analytics technologies (i.e. Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, etc.).

AWS Glue ETL scheduling using flexible Job Scheduler

Specific events will be scheduled to happen in the ETL process by monitoring the data transformations and loading workflows.

AWS Glue Automated Schema Discovery

We will set up AWS Glue to identify data sources and their formats to suggest the appropriate schema to store pertinent data.

AWS Glue Migration / Migration to the Cloud

If you are moving from one data integration platform to AWS Glue, and from an on-premises environment to the cloud, Datavail will expertly manage the entire migration so that the new solution is optimized for your unique requirements.

AWS Glue Support and Maintenance

Datavail can also provide managed services to maintain and optimize AWS Glue system, monitor the ETL process to ensure accuracy, and keep the platform updated.

Why Amazon Glue for your Data Integration

AWS Glue makes data integration much easier by providing both visual as well as code-based interfaces. Users can easily find and access data using the AWS Glue Data Catalog. And with a few clicks in AWS Glue Studio, data engineers and ETL developers can visually create, run, and monitor ETL workflows. Additional benefits which AWS Glue provides include:

Automate your data integration at scale

AWS Glue automates a lot of the work that is usually required for data integration. AWS Glue crawls the data sources, identifies the data formats, and suggests schemas to store the data. It automatically generates the code to run data transformations and loading processes. In addition, AWS Glue can be used to easily run and manage thousands of ETL jobs, or to combine and replicate data across multiple data stores using SQL.

No servers to manage

AWS Glue runs in a serverless environment. There is no infrastructure to manage, and AWS Glue provisions, configures, and scales the resources required to run data integration jobs. What’s more, azure pay only for the resources your jobs use while running.

Faster data integration

Different groups across your organization can use AWS Glue to work together on data integration tasks, including extraction, cleaning, normalization, combining, loading, and running scalable ETL workflows. This way, you reduce the time it takes to analyze your data and put it to use from months to minutes.
Want to learn more about how Datavail can help with your AWS Glue, Data Management and Analytics initiatives? Get in touch with one of our AWS and data integration experts today for a chat about your business requirements and goals.

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