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DevOps Services & Data-Driven Solutions

Data Development and Architecture Support

In an application development environment, bottlenecks can and often do arise. In order for a developer’s application to work properly and evolve as intended, quick and efficient access to data is essential.

Datavail’s DevOps experts bring extensive experience in driving the data architecture for your DevOps operation to enable your organization to dive into the data collected and analyze it in a way that allows you to stay competitive.

Our DBAs can help your developers organize all aspects of data development so that a data-driven application isn’t created in a vacuum. Whether integrated from the start or utilized to organize and manage the data in the middle of a project, Datavail’s DevOps DBAs all bring the expertise to apply data-driven insights to your DevOps environment.

Our DBAs can help in the following ways:

Act as a data architect to bring together all the disparate pieces of a project while focusing on the bigger picture.

Guide and coordinate all aspects of the data architecture within the development project.

Create a data repository to store all project code (T-SQL code) and data structure, as well as provide developers with access.


Develop written SQL requirements to support and streamline the development environment.

Datavail’s DevOps solutions experts will ensure all components of your data architecture are in place:

  • Security framework including logins, users, roles, and permissions by business process.
  • Logical and physical data model design including business relationships, entity-relationship diagrams, tables, primary keys, and foreign keys.
  • Database object design such as stored procedures, functions, indexes, and views.

Data drives business, and Datavail’s expert database administrators drive data. If you would like to learn more about our data solutions for DevOps, contact Datavil to discuss a custom solution designed around your needs.

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