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Enterprise Data Management, Planning & Advisory Solutions

Deploy A More Effective Enterprise Data Management Strategy that is Flexible and Scalable.

A Critical Step

Data planning and design is a critical step on the road to an effective enterprise data management process. It’s the blueprint for your company’s ongoing data management strategy and a model for success.

Without it, your data can’t be leveraged for its intended goal: servicing the needs of the business so it can grow and prosper.

What Is Enterprise Data Management Strategy?

Enterprise data management (EDM) strategy includes the processes that have been implemented in an organization that concentrate on maintaining good data quality, availability, accuracy, consistency, reliability, governance and security.

A dynamic and constantly evolving process, enterprise data management strategy seeks to answer the following questions:

  • What data is being used to make key decisions?
  • How should it be visualized for quick and consistent interpretation?
  • Who owns and governs the data?
  • What business rules are applied to the data?

In order to take a wholistic approach to enterprise data management, key elements that must be incorporated in an organization’s EDM strategy include data governance, master data management (MDM), data quality, data stewardship, data warehouses and data lakes, and data integration.

Take The Next Steps With Datavail’s Data Management Services

Like many other aspects of data management, there is no one-size-fits-all approach toward data planning and strategy. Every company and situation are a unique collection of moving parts designed by countless individuals, each from different departments and varying skill levels.

This is why our flexible and scalable data advisory solutions are customized to your organization’s data and database needs.

Our enterprise data planning and design experts can:

  • Assess your organization’s current data plan and strategy, including structure, databases, architecture, storage, governance, and integrity.
  • Audit and recommend new business applications to work with your existing database layer and current skill set.
  • Identify, plan, and develop a database structure to ensure data is properly stored, accessible, and used efficiently.
  • Define and develop your data model to help your enterprise gain an accurate understanding of how data sources relate to each other.
  • Develop a contingency plan for data management obstacles.

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Enterprise Data Management Goals and Objectives

Datavail’s Discovery and Assessment Objectives and Focus Consist of:


Determining if the configuration of tools and use of technologies are optimally applied within the architecture.


Recommending ways to improve performance and remove bottlenecks with existing jobs.


Improving automation of existing data integration and distribution processes including data-driven transformations.


Determining needed changes to support increased data or transaction volume to ensure a scalable solution.


Fine-tuning the process to ensure appropriate automated audit, alerts and controls are in place.


Assessing users and programs for application of appropriate privileges.

Datavail recommends that an enterprise data management discovery and assessment be conducted across the following areas.

Assessment categories include:

  • Overall Architecture
  • Database
  • Data Ingestion
  • Operational Processes and Compliance
  • Data Architecture Model
  • Reporting and Analysis

Data Governance: A Valuable Part of Business Information Success

A Forrester Consulting study found that businesses relying on data management tools for their decision-making are 58 percent more likely to beat their revenue goals and 162 percent more likely to exceed these goals significantly.

Datavail’s Enterprise Data Delivery Solutions Approach

  • A consultative and advisory service entrenched in technology, people, and process
  • A fined-tuned service and flexible solution with several successful engagements under our belt
  • Solves a business problem (“pain points”)
  • Includes Datavail developed accelerators
  • Aims to be vendor software agnostic
  • Delivered as an “outcomes” based solution with defined ‘Quick Wins’
To learn more about our enterprise data management, strategy, planning and design solutions and advisory services, contact Datavail today.

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