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Guidewire Data Integration with Azure Synapse for Insurance Analytics

Datavail has partnered with Guidewire and Microsoft to deliver the Guidewire Cloud Data Access (CDA) Connector for Azure.

A Leading Software Platform

Guidewire InsuranceSuite customers benefit from working with the leading software platform for property and casualty (P&C) insurance carriers worldwide. They often want to leverage data found in both the cloud and legacy platforms and other data sources for advanced analytics and business insights. The data resides within the Guidewire InsuranceSuite platform, which lacks native connectivity to leading cloud data platforms like Microsoft Azure. Extracting value from the organization’s Guidewire data requires building custom integrations to Azure analytics services. This adds cost, time, and complexity.

To address this need, Datavail has partnered with Guidewire and Microsoft to deliver the Guidewire Cloud Data Access (CDA) Connector for Azure. This packaged solution provides seamless connectivity between Guidewire InsuranceSuite and Azure Synapse Analytics.

About the CDA Connector

The CDA Connector automatically extracts data from the Guidewire InsuranceSuite platform via Guidewire’s Cloud Data Access APIs. This data is securely transferred to Azure Blob Data Lake storage and then loaded into a preconfigured Azure Synapse Analytics data model. Azure Synapse provides a unified analytics workspace for data engineering, data warehousing, and big data analytics.

Key benefits of the CDA Connector for Azure include:

  • Enriched analytics with the ability to combine Guidewire data with other internal and external data sources in Azure
  • Reduced development costs and time to implementation, by using a pre-built connector rather than custom coding a solution or leveraging an accelerator that requires significant professional services to implement
  • Accelerated time-to-insight by delivering Guidewire data into Azure Synapse for analysis
  • Simplified data pipeline management with automated scheduling and orchestration
  • Flexible pricing models including license or consumption-based pricing

With the CDA Connector for Azure, insurers can unlock more value from their Guidewire investment. Datavail is well-positioned to deliver this solution, with deep expertise in Guidewire, Microsoft Azure, data integration, and advanced analytics.

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About Guidewire

With over 250 customers worldwide, Guidewire InsuranceSuite is the insurance industry’s most widely used software solution. The suite helps insurers across all lines of business boost operational efficiency, accelerate speed to market, and deliver superior customer experiences. By consolidating policy, billing, and claims systems on a single platform, InsuranceSuite enables insurers to simplify their technology footprint while equipping them with the agility and innovation to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. As the market-leading insurance software, InsuranceSuite sets the standard for capabilities and outcomes that insurers demand.

Guidewire InsuranceSuite is an end-to-end cloud platform designed for property, casualty, and workers’ compensation insurers. Core applications include underwriting, policy administration, billing, and claims management to support the entire insurance lifecycle. By moving key systems to the cloud, insurers can lower IT costs, drive efficiency, and quickly innovate. 

Solution Features

The CDA to Microsoft Azure Cloud Connector provides seamless integration between Guidewire and Azure analytics. Key capabilities include:

  • Flexible data processing to handle both table-level and cross-table data based on configuration, ensuring alignment with analytics needs
  • Modular design allowing smaller processes to work together, enabling robust and resilient data pipelines
  • Proactive alerts that eliminate manual monitoring, driving efficiencies
  • Granular control over data loads for selective or full table extraction, reducing data movement costs
  • Automated workflows driven by Guidewire data manifests, accelerating implementation
  • Configurable scheduling matching data movement to business needs
  • Built-in auditing and reconciliation correcting errors, enhancing data integrity
  • Automated error handling and restart enabling near-real-time data availability
  • Dynamic schema adaptation providing seamless alignment with changing data models
  • Tunable near-real-time streaming balancing data freshness and overhead
  • Administration portal centralizing configurations, streamlining control
  • Packaged solution featuring accelerated deployment via scripts and templates, reducing implementation risk

Overall, these capabilities deliver lower TCO, faster time-to-value, and more analytics value from Guidewire data on Azure.

Datavail Credentials

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  • Microsoft Solutions Partner – Data & AI, Digital & App Innovation, Azure Infrastructure
  • Extensive Cloud Data Management / Analytics Expertise
  • Insurance Industry Vertical Expertise
  • Frequent speakers at conferences
  • AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner with Oracle and Microsoft competencies and several analytic service delivery badges
  • Oracle Partner with six data and application cloud competencies
  • Public and private sector leadership experience

Case in Point

Datavail originally created the Guidewire Cloud Data Connector for Azure in support of a 75-year-old mid-sized P&C insurance company undergoing digital transformation. They wanted to benefit from the cloud-version of the Guidewire software, but also needed to integrate that data with multiple sources, including on-prem legacy versions. And needed to modernize its existing data warehouse with new capabilities offered by Microsoft Azure cloud-native services. Datavail not only built the Azure connector, but also overhauled the legacy data warehouse into a Azure Data Lake architecture, implemented Microsoft Azure Synapse for advanced analytics, and provides critical ongoing support and development of the solution.

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