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Azure Data Factory Consulting Services

The Right Data Integration Tool

In order to analyze large amounts of data, especially when it comes from a variety of different sources, you need to use the right data integration tool to properly ingest, transform, and process it – along with the expert knowledge to implement the right solution that fits your unique business needs.

Microsoft Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a fully managed, serverless data integration technology that comes with 90 built-in connectors. It also provides the ability to develop ETL (extract, transform, load) and ELT (extract, load, transform) processes code-free or using your own custom code.

Datavail, a Microsoft Gold Partner for more than 17 years, has helped hundreds of organizations migrate, manage and analyze their data using Microsoft tools and technologies. We can help you to expertly implement, develop, optimize and support your data integration initiatives with ADF.

Azure Data Factory (ADF) Consulting Services with Datavail

Datavail is composed of a team of Data Analytics as well as Microsoft Azure experts, who have a wide range of experience with helping customers of different industries and sizes turn raw data into valuable business insights.

We utilize our deep understanding of the complete data management and business intelligence process workflow – from data integration, data storage and data visualization, to advanced analytics – towards helping our clients take advantage of their data to get the most out of it – accurately and effectively.

Allow Datavail to help you create a new custom Azure Data Factory (ADF) solution or optimize an existing one. Our technical services include:

  • Developing custom ADF solutions to fit your unique business needs
  • Migrating on-premises analytics environments to cloud analytics solutions
  • Data ingestion services to migrate data from various sources to a single location
  • Data discovery and preparation
  • Constructing data pipelines
  • Orchestration and monitoring data integration pipelines and workflows
  • Migrating SQL Service Integration Services (SSIS) to ADF

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Our Data Management and Analytics Professional Services Include


Performing an assessment of your data management and analytics environment and providing you with a total cost of ownership (TCO) evaluation.

Strategic consulting and road mapping

Creating a complete data management and analytics roadmap, to recommend a data management strategy that best fits your needs.

Implementation and development

Install the data management and analytics technologies and tools for your complete analytics environment, stating with your data ingestion and integration solution.

Integrations with Azure data warehouses

Datavail can help you integrate all of your data to make sure it is flowing smoothly from source to target locations using Azure Data Factory pipelines.

Managed Services

Providing post-implementation continuous support and monitoring, 24/7/365, for your data integration pipelines.

Why Azure Data Factory (ADF) for your Data Integration

ADF integrates and orchestrates complex processes that create data integration pipelines, including ETL, and automates the data workflows. It builds transformation processes for either structured or unstructured data, so that organizations can analyze it to glean insights that lead to decisions that help them to reach their business goals. The benefits of ADF include:


A fully managed serverless cloud service that is based on a pay-as-you-go model that scales on demand. It is also highly automated.


Large amounts of data that from on-premises and in the cloud can be ingested using more than 90 built-in connectors, including Azure data services, Salesforce, Amazon Redshift, Oracle Exadata, Google BigQuery, Teradata, Marketo, and ServiceNow, just to name a few. And orchestrated and monitored at scale.


Certain roles can be created and permissions assigned to them, helping to control access to functions, responsibilities and information.


ADF offers a wide geographical cloud presence, with data movement available in dozens of countries around the world, protected by the Azure cloud security infrastructure.

Increased productivity

Since ADF is highly automated, it orchestrates data more efficiently, allowing for less time needed to set up the tool, and more time for obtaining insights. Moreover, as the Azure cloud oversees security patches, updates and overall management of the ADF tool, this ensures less to virtually no downtime.

Want to learn more about how Datavail can help with your Azure Data Factory initiatives? Get in touch with one of our Microsoft Azure and data integration experts today for a chat about your business requirements and goals.

A Better Truth - Data Integration with Azure Data Factory (ADF)

Legacy data integration tools can’t compete with the sophisticated solutions available in today’s cutting-edge data analysis programming.

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