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Amazon Redshift Services

As organizations continue to accumulate enterprise data, how can you make the best use of this data to uncover hidden trends and insights that give you a competitive edge?

The Need for Data Warehousing

Instead of piecemeal, stopgap solutions, businesses need a unified data warehouse that can act as a single source of truth and make tasks easier for everyone in the organization.

With a centralized data warehouse, you can:

  • Access all the information you need.
  • Run incisive analytical queries.
  • Generate reports for key decision-makers.

What is Amazon Redshift?

Amazon Redshift is a fully managed, cloud-ready relational data warehousing solution from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that can store petabytes of data and integrate with business intelligence (BI), analytics, and ETL tools.

Features include:

  • Pre-built third-party integrations.
  • High performance.
  • Automatic backups and scalability.

The fully managed Amazon Redshift service can help any business get started with their own data warehouse. There’s no need for you to install or manage any software or hardware: Amazon handles the hard questions of availability, reliability, and maintenance behind the scenes.

Redshift Professional Services with Datavail

While Redshift simplifies the process of building a data warehouse, it can still be challenging (even overwhelming) for organizations that are less technically inclined. Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone: Redshift managed services providers like Datavail are ready to help.

As an AWS Partner, Datavail has already helped countless clients realize the benefits of adopting the Amazon cloud. Our AWS services include everything from Amazon EC2 and RDS to Aurora and DynamoDB—and Amazon Redshift, of course.

Datavail’s list of Redshift professional services includes:

Data Warehouse Migration to Amazon Redshift

Already using a data warehousing solution such as Google BigQuery? No problem. Datavail works with you to plan and execute your migration from start to finish.

Integrations With Redshift Data Warehouses

From flat files and websites to CRM platforms and SaaS applications, your enterprise data may be scattered across dozens or hundreds of sources. Datavail can help you integrate this disparate data under one roof, ensuring your data pipelines flow smoothly from source to target locations.

Redshift Data Warehouse Consulting Services

Datavail offers a robust suite of Redshift consulting services to fit our clients’ needs—everything from roadmaps and strategic planning to Redshift performance tuning and design.

Managed Services for Amazon Redshift

We offer ongoing Redshift managed services, such as remote database administrators (DBAs) that assist, how and when you need it, without having to hire in-house personnel.

Ready to learn how Datavail can help with your Redshift deployment? Fill out the form and get in touch with one of our data experts today to chat about your business needs and objectives.

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