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DevOps Consulting & Managed Services

Datavail delivers continuous integration and deployment as you develop or modernize your applications. Let us help you overcome the DevOps challenge.

Proven DevOps Models

Integrating DevOps best practices into your AppDev process for rapid deployments is no small task–especially as you modernize existing applications, migrate to the cloud, or build new applications. Datavail leverages proven DevOps models and delivery frameworks to help you achieve success.
  • Datavail’s agile development teams build and test as they go, delivering each iteration free of bugs and hassles.
  • Our teams of talented, skilled development experts are always on-hand, ready to step in when their particular specialties are needed. Your projects receive dedicated attention from precisely the right team for your specific purposes.
  • We take a strategic view of all your corporate computing needs, so our end product integrates with the rest of your application suite.

DevOps Managed Services

In addition to integrating a complete DevOps development model into your development cycle, Datavail also provides ongoing DevOps consulting services and DevOps managed services through our DevOps as a Service offering, which allows you to build and maintain a fully automated deployment process.

Our comprehensive DevOps managed services offering includes planning and architecting your software development lifecycle to support these best practices:

  • Employing programming processes that support continuous integration of code
  • Configuring environments and pipelines to implement continuous delivery
  • Developing a robust unit testing strategy
  • Employing automated testing
  • Determining whether your application is appropriate for or would benefit from continuous deployment
  • Maintaining vigilance over the development and management of microservices & APIs
  • Analyzing cloud computing & infrastructure considerations, including edge and serverless computing support
  • Facilitating a specific focus on DevOps for Database Management & Deployment
  • Providing 24/7 Support, Monitoring, and Application Management
Your market and industry are continually evolving. The apps and programming that keep your organization ahead of that growth should be evolving too. Datavail’s DevOps-as-a-Service model gives you the tools and support you need to embrace that evolution to stay ahead of your competition.

Most organizations are not in the business of designing and developing software applications, so obtaining the highly tuned programming they need to succeed is a challenge. Datavail’s DevOps consulting support aligns its application development services to facilitate fast, comprehensive, and fully functioning programming specifically tailored to our customer’s requirements.

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DevOps Application Development Solutions

There’s no one right way to develop proprietary applications, but at Datavail we do believe there’s a best way. We employ state-of-the-art DevOps technologies to provide our customers with the fastest, most reliable, and fully functioning applications they need.

A shortlist of our best ‘DevOps as a Service’ performers includes:

  • AWS DevOps
  • Azure DevOps
  • Bitbucket
  • Docker & Kubernetes
  • GitHub
  • Pipeline & Deployment Automation
  • Jenkins & Bamboo
  • Lambda & Azure Serverless
  • Netlify

Let’s Discuss DevOps

Our delivery model provides flexibility based on your requirements:

Fully Managed Service

We’ll design, build, and manage DevOps into your existing or new application builds.


We’ll strategize, consult on, and build a fully operational DevOps solution within your budget and timeframe.


We’ll support your development and operations team with fractional experts for specific roles on your DevOps Team.
Fill out the form to discuss your specific DevOps development, consulting, and management needs.

The Value of DevOps in the Cloud

The key to success in the DevOps organization is the seamless integration of delivery support tools and target environment management with the different roles involved in software delivery.

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