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MongoDB Support & Administration

Expert NoSQL Solutions

We don’t make databases; We make them better. MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database available in both Enterprise and open source / community.

A popular Big Data technology, MongoDB is used to support rapid application development with extreme scalability and availability at a low cost.

If you’ve never used MongoDB before but are used to traditional relational database technologies, MongoDB is best implemented in partnership with an expert such as Datavail to ensure clustering and replication are built-in and work brilliantly. And without schemas and many of the tuning mechanisms available in Oracle, SQL Server, or even open source MySQL, the role of the DBA can be confusing without help. What is required for a successful MongoDB implementation? How should replication groups and clustering be configured? Datavail has the certified expertise to not only answer these questions, but execute a completely successful solution.

Complete, technically deep, operationally sound MongoDB support.

  • Application Administration
  • Profiling System
  • Security Management (Typically done at the OS level)
  • Configuring Authentication Methods (ie Kerberos)
  • Code/Framework review
  • Index Management
  • Moving Data into RAM
  • Compacting Data
  • Moving Collections and Data
  • Backups
  • RAID Management

Datavail can help your organization plan, test, and implement a highly scalable, highly available MongoDB implementation. We also provide migration services to move appropriate data from your relational database system into MongoDB with as little downtime as possible. If your enterprise needs assistance evaluating, implementing, testing, and/or maintaining a MongoDB environment, fill out the form to the right and one of our expert DBAs will be in contact with you.

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