MongoDB Database Support & Administration

Expert NoSQL Expertise and Solutions

MongoDB is a highly-available open source NoSQL database. A popular Big Data technology, MongoDB is used to support rapid application development with extreme scalability and availability at a low cost.

If you’ve never used MongoDB before but are used to traditional relational database technologies, MongoDB can be a challenge: clustering and replication are built-in and work brilliantly; but, without schemas and many of the tuning mechanisms available in Oracle, SQL Server, or even open source MySQL, the role of the DBA can be confusing. What is required for a successful MongoDB implementation? How should replication groups and clustering be configured?

Complete, technically deep, operationally sound MongoDB support.

  • Application Administration
  • Profiling System
  • Security Management (Typically done at the OS level)
  • Configuring Authentication Methods (ie Kerberos)
  • Code/Framework review
  • Index Management
  • Moving Data into RAM
  • Compacting Data
  • Moving Collections and Data
  • Backups
  • RAID Management

Datavail can help your organization plan, test, and implement a highly scalable, highly available MongoDB implementation. We also provide migration services to move appropriate data from your relational database system into MongoDB with as little downtime as possible.