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Environment Management

One Console – Tools and insight you need to do your job

Maintaining your EPM environment involves accessing many system components to get a complete snapshot of your system’s health.


Make changes to settings individually or across your environment with rapid and powerful access and guidance.


Your ability to get your job done with the Management Module is accomplished with the five features: Audit, Tune, Automate, Analyze, and Benchmark.

View Real-time server performance measures on each server and environment such as:

  • CPU and memory usage
  • Physical Machine Properties
  • Software Versions
  • Product Properties
  • Installed File Versions
  • Users
  • Jobs
  • Application Settings
  • Versions
  • Statistical Breakdown of Key Dimensions
  • View the status, connectivity, and properties of your entire system across multiple servers and environments.
  • Audit all infrastructure and product changes.
  • Compare product settings, server settings and installed files across servers and receive alerts to any that are out-of-sync. Discrepancies such as these often manifest into issues without remediation.
  • Audit all product settings changes regardless of whether the changes were made via Datavail, in the native product or manually.


Make changes to settings individually or across your environment with rapid and powerful access and guidance.

  • Receive expert guidance on setting recommendations including minimum and maximum values.
  • Change product property settings on a single server or across a group of servers in just a few clicks as Datavail walks you through the process. Take effort and guesswork out of system maintenance by not only automating the task but auditing it as well so there is a history of what was changed, when it was changed and by whom.
  • Create, store, edit and execute scripts from this interface with ease. Execute a script on a single server or on every server in an environment simultaneously with the click of a button. Examples of useful scripts are to restart a collection of services or stop and restart a process.
  • Store any documents needed to be accessed across the deployment in a centralized database.

Success Summary – Performance Problem – Rapid Resolution:

One of our clients received a call from a user complaining of a problem in their system related to performance as they tried to run a report in HFM. Before Datavail, many people would need to become involved to attempt to gather information and diagnose the problem. It takes a knowledgeable person to even know what to look for, much less make sense of the information once it’s eventually in hand. Various logs and other artifacts would have been manually pulled from many servers, which were then packaged and sent to the analyst. Once the information was received the analyst would have needed to filter out the noise and reconcile dates and activities across logs. They would then need to have enough expertise to understand how to look for events that are related to the complaint. This process typically took hours or days before the analyst was in a position to make an assessment. With Datavail this process was automated took our client a few clicks and a few seconds to pinpoint and correct the issue.

Success Summary – Rapid Registry Changes:

A large Hyperion client has a deployment with over 3 dozen servers worldwide. They needed to make registry changes to 3 servers. In the past a similar exercise had taken them over 50 minutes with 6 people on a conference call. Datavail allowed them to make these changes in a matter of seconds without disrupting anyone else’s day in the process.

Gathering all of this information from the various sources and making sense of it is time consuming and cumbersome. With the dynamic nature of your EPM system, by the time you finally get everything together and attempt to analyze it there is a high likelihood your information is outdated already, making your job even tougher.

With Datavail you can access the majority of your ongoing maintenance tasks in a single console. Our holistic approach lets you see properties and activities from the server, application and environment level. Having everything at your fingertips in real time gives you confidence that you have all of the up to date information you need to make confident decisions.

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