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Data Replication for DevOps

Distribute Data Across Synchronized Databases

When you have multiple users requiring access to the same data, availability, speed, and reliability are necessary in maintaining an effective DevOps environment.

Data replication allows your organization to distribute data to synchronized replica databases, thus ensuring consistency, preventing bottlenecks, and promoting availability.

The end result is a distributed database management system (DDBMS) that confers upon the organization a number of benefits, including:

  • Sharing the same data across networks and users through network synchronization.
  • Improved data reliability, consistency, and efficiency.
  • Increased availability in the event of a site failure or other data disaster.
  • Faster and more efficient queries through reduced network load.
  • Improved availability in the event of a system failure.
  • Less interference from users when searching for specific data.

Types of Data Replication:

  • Snapshot Replication – Data is copies from one server to another.
  • Merging Replication – Data found on multiple databases is merged into a single database.
  • Transactional Replication – A full copy of he database is given to a user, and subsequent data changes are provided to in periodic updates.

By leveraging Datavail’s database administration experts for your data replication needs, your organization ensures your data is available, consistent, and easily accessible by all necessary members of your organization.

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