Datavail Culture

Get The Inside Scoop From Our DBAs And What We’re About

Culture is the character and personality of Datavail. It’s what makes our organization unique and is the sum of our values, behaviors, and attitudes. It is also a defining characteristic of who we are as a company. From our board members, to our DBAs, executives and management, our culture is defined by our beliefs and our everyday actions.

We appreciate the culture at Datavail because it helps us attract the brightest talent, focus on delivering the highest quality to our clients and reward and promote from within. Our culture helps us retain the best employees which keeps clients returning to us. You’ll see from the videos below who we are and how our employees describe Datavail and how our culture affects our clients.

Datavail DBAs on Why Clients Choose Us


With more than 600 DBAs, Datavail provides 24/7 service. But the way we get it done is what sets us apart from other companies, employees say.

Why Our DBAs Stay with Datavail


Trust, flexibility and a strong learning environment are just some of the characteristics that Datavail employees have come to embrace.

Our DBAs on the Importance of Datavail’s Offshore Team


Datavail employees agree that their offshore teammates contribute to not only their level of happiness at work but also the success of their clients.

What Datavail Clients Can Expect


Datavail’s team of experienced DBAs allows us to provide seamless support, no matter what time of day. Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that they are covered 24/7.

Our DBAs Talk About Datavail’s Culture


Datavail’s culture is described by employees as flexible, positive and a great environment to continue to build professional skills.

Meet Our DBAs – Megan Elphingstone


Megan Elphingstone believes Datavail has a strong team of DBA’s that are dedicated to making things work successfully. Hear Megan’s story on choosing Datavail for her career path in this video.

Meet Our DBAs – Chad Cleveland


Chad Cleveland appreciates being in a team environment that allows him to experience different challenges, allowing him to grow as a DBA.

Our Practice Leaders On Why Clients Choose & Stay With Datavail


Our practice leaders believe that a unique approach to service, coupled with round-the-clock coverage allows Datavail to deliver the highest standard in customer service.

How Clients Use Datavail For SharePoint Administration


Owens Gollamandala, Datavail’s Lead SharePoint Administrator, describes our SharePoint expertise and how our clients use Datavail for their SharePoint administration.

Meet Our Service Delivery Manager – Kelley Turner


Learn how the Service Delivery Team keeps our clients informed as the primary point of contact. Kelley Turner believes consistent communication is key to happy clients.

Meet Datavail’s Service Delivery Team


Datavail’s Service Delivery Team are our clients main point of contact. Learn how our team works directly with clients to ensure smooth delivery of Datavail services.

Meet Manish Tripathi – VP of Technical Operations


Manish believes that Datavail’s unique quality auditing processes ensures we provide the highest quality of DBA service possible. Learn how Datavail audits both ticket processing and call quality to promote client satisfaction.