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AWS Database Migration Services

Datavail’s expertise combined with AWS technology provides a total managed solution for your databases.

The Benefits of AWS Managed Database Migration Services

Substantial cost savings is just one attraction among many for the reasons businesses of all sizes are considering a database migration to the AWS cloud. Amazon’s cloud-based Database-as-a-Service offering combined with Datavail’s AWS database management services can seamlessly move on-premise databases to AWS managed services.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Datavail customers enjoy 24x7x365 support and monitoring services, as well as cost-effective database and application management services.

From there, customers can benefit from additional Datavail AWS managed services including:

Project Scalability

Growth is easy when you can scale your assets as needed, with no capital investment, and at only the cost of the resources you use.

Flexible Deployment

The AWS database flexes horizontally and vertically, making it easy to add more products or expand to new markets.

Better Database Security

The up-to-the-minute, sophisticated security programming protects better than most on-premise systems, so corporate configurations are safer than they’ve ever been.

Regulatory Compliance

With Datavail as your AWS consulting partner, you can be confident that your organization will achieve and maintain compliance with HIPAA, PCI, or any other required industry standard.

Lower Cost Compliance

Because Datavail excels at compliance management services, we provide the service at a lower cost, with lower compliance fatigue, and with less resource commitment than you can manage in-house.

Fewer Staffing Requirements

Accessing Datavail’s expert database management services also reduces your payroll and staffing costs without losing any of the talent or skill you need.

Predictable Monthly Costs

It’s much more cost-effective to pay for an existing service than to develop one in-house. Datavail’s predictable monthly cost eliminates your need to purchase and deploy expensive hardware, software, and staffing.

Datavail AWS Cloud Services

Amazon’s proprietary services provide their customers with options for every conceivable computing or programming need:

  • Amazon EC2 – The Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) reduces costs while expanding capacities.
  • Amazon RDS – The cloud-based Relational Database Service (RDS) facilitates database access from anywhere.
  • Amazon Aurora – Marries the speed of a high-end database with the cost-effectiveness of an open-source database.
  • Amazon Redshift – This warehouse offers all the tools you need for your BI operations.
  • Amazon ElastiCache – Deliver lightning-fast web-page speed to your users with this AWS service.
  • Amazon Athena – This industry-leading query service gives you the answers you need when you need them.
  • Amazon DynamoDB – The AWS NoSQL database solution effortlessly supports the scale and growth of your business.

Datavail’s Standardized AWS Migration Process

We’ve done this before, so you don’t have to:

Configuration – Before we map, we set up a Linux Conversion Virtual Machine (VM) to use as a conversion lab for the migration process.

Discovery – We then map out your production workloads, strategizing risk reductions, and developing the migration design.

Automation – Leveraging Datavail’s DevOps processes, we initiate migration, testing, and automation processes.

Testing – Testing and validation are critical for setting aside your system’s performance, vulnerability, and functionality concerns.

Security Review – Not least, we test your applications to identify and mitigate risks in the AWS cloud environment.

Datavail: A Trusted AWS Consulting Partner

As an AWS leading partner for migrating database workloads to the cloud, Datavail has helped more than 100 clients over the past five years to migrate to AWS, and we have done it successfully on numerous database platforms.

Datavail’s AWS database migration services meet all your needs as you move your organization into the AWS cloud. Reach out today to get started.

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