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Cloud Cost Optimization Consulting and Services

Gain Control of Your Cloud Spend​

Optimize Your Cloud Investments

Controlling costs in dynamic compute environments can be challenging. As your cloud spend increases, you need effective strategies to optimize your cloud investments.

Managing cloud billing, utilization, estimating future needs, and aligning teams on an optimal cloud cost optimization strategy is difficult without the right expertise. Potential roadblocks include:

  • Lack of visibility into current cloud spend and resource utilization.
  • Difficulty predicting future resource needs.
  • Overprovisioned cloud environments and unused compute resources.
  • No defined cloud financial management strategy.
  • Overinvestment in commercial software licenses.

Datavail Cloud Cost Optimization Solutions

At Datavail, we help mid-market and enterprise companies optimize their cloud environments and maximize the value of their investments through:

Cloud Cost Assessments

In-depth analysis of your cloud spend and resource utilization to identify savings opportunities. This solution includes reviewing instance types, storage, services, architectures, and licensing.

Cloud Cost Savings Plans

Evaluation of the cloud savings options available from cloud providers, such as reserved instances, savings plans, and spot instances, to reduce the costs of predictable workloads.

Right Sizing

Choosing optimal instance types, storage configurations, and architectures to meet your performance and cost objectives for your workloads.

Cloud Migration and Modernization

Exploring cloud modernization or application refactoring as a pathway for cloud optimization. You can get help with the end-to-end process; or a roadmap built on best practices.

Licensing Assessments

Evaluating database and software licensing scenarios to determine whether you can reduce licensing costs in your cloud environments, and whether you really need the licenses and features you have available.

HA/DR Optimization

Configuring the right balance of high availability and disaster recovery to ensure you have the right level of resiliency at the lowest possible cost.

AWS, Azure, and OCI Funding Programs

Datavail is an AWS Advanced Services Partner, Microsoft Solutions Partner, and Oracle Partner, so we’re able to leverage our partnerships to help your organization access funding programs to defray the cost of eligible migrations, modernizations, and proof of concepts.

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Cloud Overview

Why Partner with Datavail for Cloud Cost Optimization Services

With over a decade of deep cloud expertise, hundreds of successful migrations, and proven cost optimization strategies, Datavail has the experience to help you control cloud costs. Our cloud optimization services, coupled with managed support and strategic consulting, give you the resources you need to conquer your cloud spend.

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Assessing and Optimizing SQL Server and Windows Server Licensing and Workloads Before a Cloud Migration

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