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Tableau Integration & Data Visualization Services

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As an experienced provider of data warehousing, integration, and analytics solutions, Datavail is in a unique position to implement Tableau in organizations of all sizes.

What Is Tableau Data Visualization?

Tableau is a robust data visualization and dashboarding tool used in data analytics and business intelligence. It simplifies raw data by entering it into a format that is easier to understand, such as dashboards and worksheets, and is utilized by executives, leaders, decision makers, managers and individual contributors alike, including non-technical users without any programming skills.

Users can also create customized dashboards that meet their information and reporting needs, regardless of position and responsibility, company size, industry, department, team or sector.

Some of the benefits and features of Tableau software include:

  • Data blending
  • Real-time analysis
  • Collaboration of data

By using visual features such as graphs, charts, and maps, Tableau dashboards provide simple and uncomplicated ways to view and understand patterns, trends and insights in data.

Tableau Data Visualization Best Practices

Dashboards that are well-designed are essential to true data-driven insights and lead to faster, more accurate business decisions, especially when they are based on a trusted single source of truth. In order to best ascertain hidden gems from the information presented in a dashboard, the metrics and data need to be clearly displayed.

Datavail Tableau data visualization consultants ensure that when they consult with a company regarding its dashboards, the required relevant information is delivered to business stakeholders and decision makers, and that data visualization best practices are followed. They include:

Understanding the audience

Dashboards are created taking into account the intended audience – what they are being used for and by whom, how often they are being viewed and for how long, and what the key metrics and takeaways are and why.

Learning how and where dashboards will be viewed

Whether the dashboard will be viewed on a mobile device, smart phone, laptop or desktop computer will determine the design and format of the dashboards.

Optimizing load times

If your dashboard is attempting to capture and process too much data, this will affect load times – and no one likes to wait too long to see their important data metrics. When developing dashboards, the amount of data surfaced may need to be limited to optimize better load times.

Creating simple to understand dashboard formats

During the Tableau dashboard development process, limiting views to only the most powerful and straightforward, as well as using only a few colors to enhance the ability to analyze data, visualization tools can be easier to understand.

Testing dashboards for usability

User testing is an extremely important element in developing dashboards and should not be overlooked. If the information and format do not lend itself to what the user needs them for, what metrics they are looking at the most, and where and how, then the dashboards may need to be tweaked or even redesigned.

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Data by itself is silent. Good data visualization marries the data with the right questions. It requires some degree of creativity, imagination, and visual-spatial skills. These are difficult skills to automate.

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