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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Services

Organizations are shifting from on-premises infrastructure investments to the more flexible and scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) on the cloud.

Reshaping How Enterprises Approach Digital Migration

When choosing among various IaaS providers, businesses prioritize cost-effectiveness, reliability, security, and high performance. Oracle’s Gen2 Cloud Infrastructure excels in these areas, offering an affordable range of virtual compute options, dedicated bare metal, the Oracle Real Application Cluster as a service, and Exadata Engineered machines, ensuring peak performance for critical workloads.

Datavail, in collaboration with Oracle, is at the forefront of reshaping how enterprises approach their digital migration, modernization, and management on OCI. From the underlying infrastructure to the application’s user interface, our primary objective is to not only enhance cloud experiences but to also ensure an amplified return on investment.

Oracle has specialized, field-tested tools and programs to help customers move various on-premises enterprise applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, and Siebel to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. A suite of migration, provisioning, and management tools for these applications and their associated databases means minimal architecture changes, helping you get online rapidly. Oracle-Datavail’s Move and Improve application workloads offer purpose-built migration tools simplifying the transition and can even capture application customizations. An easy, cost-effective way to move mission-critical Oracle Applications to the cloud.

Get More From Your Oracle Apps by Moving to OCI: Move & Improve

Expert Migration Assistance

Use automated tools and/or experts to expedite the migration process.

Automated Migration Tools

Migrate workloads with minimum retooling.

Maintain Your Architecture

Lowest-cost, fastest way to move to the cloud.

Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure

Superior performance availability domains, support, high availability and disaster recovery.

Enterprise-grade Database & Platform Servies

Fastest, most resilient and full-featured Oracle Database.

Rapid Provisioning & Scalable Capacity

Quickly create multiple environments as needed, and programmatically increase/reduce capacity.

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Why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Longitude Research surveyed 730 senior IT leaders to determine key cloud trends. Here are the top five motivations for moving to the cloud:

  • Save on IT costs (33 percent)
  • Improve IT resource management (32 percent)
  • Update IT infrastructure (27 percent)
  • Improve the speed of innovation (25 percent)
  • Improve customer or client interactions (24 percent)

Benefits of OCI

Expert Management for Varied Environments

Oracle Cloud is built for hybrid-multicloud migrations. Datavail streamlines this transition, fostering collaboration and modernization for global organizations.

Inherent Security Features

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure emphasizes robust security. Features include customer isolation, data protection, and threat detection. Datavail enhances this with leading cybersecurity offerings, guarding against data breaches.

Cost-Efficient Cloud Solutions

Datavail, with its vast team of cloud experts, addresses migration challenges. Its services ensure optimized cloud costs, peak performance, and resource efficiency on Oracle Cloud.

Optimized Enterprise Performance

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers top-tier database tools like Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Transaction Processing. This guarantees low latency and high availability, ensuring businesses always access up-to-date data.

Swift App Development & Management

Innovate with tools for cloud application creation, deployment, and management, complemented by Oracle Packaged Applications. Paired with Datavail’s services, businesses gain advanced networking, computing, and applications for any workload.

When Should You Consider Oracle IaaS Cloud?

  • When hardware refresh of existing infrastructure is due
  • When you are setting up a new application environment (Dev, Test, Production and DR)
  • When you are looking to reduce your Opex bills from other Cloud vendors
  • When your business imposes higher workloads periodically and you need elastic infrastructure

Datavail’s Core OCI Services

  • Infrastructure & Database: Entrust your infrastructure needs to Datavail and experience unmatched performance and scalability on Oracle Cloud.
  • Application Development: Transition from legacy systems with our top-tier services for web, mobile, and cloud-centric applications.
  • Digital Integration: Expedite your digital transformation with Datavail’s Oracle Cloud Integration and API management services.
  • Analytics: Adopt advanced analytics, superior data governance, and quality assurance with Datavail’s Oracle Analytics capabilities.
  • Emerging Technologies: Seamlessly integrate AI throughout your business operations to drive intelligence and efficiency.
  • Security: Ensure top-tier security and compliance with Datavail’s Oracle Identity and Access Management services.

Datavail’s Managed Services for OCI

Datavail’s robust range of Oracle IaaS and PaaS offerings, enriched by profound technological insight and a deep grasp of various industry sectors, propels your digital transformation to new heights.

Our vast domain knowledge, paired with over two decades of Oracle proficiency, positions us as the go-to partner for your cloud migration. We employ our distinctive tools and methodologies to hasten the integration of cloud solutions in your organization. Additionally, we offer managed services to streamline operational expenses, continuously adding value through consistent innovation.

  • Swift Application Delivery: Minimize time between development and deployment.
  • Infrastructure Efficiency: Rapid server provisioning and reduced operational overheads.
  • Financial Prudence: Curtail capital expenditure and embrace cost-effective solutions.
  • Operational Excellence: Enjoy enhanced stability, reliability, and security while retaining the flexibility to scale as per requirements.

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