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Database Monitoring Services & Solutions

24x7x365 Monitoring Promises Long-Term Database Health

Datavail’s 24x7x365 database monitoring services ensure long-term database health while opening your organization’s DBAs to focus on things that really matter.

You Can Rest Assured with Datavail Database Monitoring

With Datavail’s 24x7x365 database monitoring system, your DBA can focus on your business’s real work, not be distracted by your database status. We have a network of hundreds of DBAs straddling the globe, providing 24-hour coverage over your entire organization, no matter where your operations lie. Our U.S.-based, Tier 3 Primary DBA oversees on- and off-shore DBA resources ensuring that your company receives the highest quality database monitoring services available in the market today.

Key Features of the Datavail Database Monitoring Services

Datavail answers all your ‘what is database monitoring?’ questions. Our proactive database performance monitoring services detect changes in all your critical database environments, ensuring their highest performance and maintaining vigilance for anomalies or unusual activities that might signal a problem.

When an issue is detected:

  • By your people, Datavail’s database monitoring ticketing system will trigger an immediate investigation of the concern.
  • You’ll receive customized notifications when the monitoring service detects anything concerning, whether it’s a disruption in your normal operations or evidence of a potential breach.
  • The service creates issue tracking trails, recording where, when, and how the error occurred and what steps were taken to alleviate it.
  • Responses to every concern include repairs and remediation of any damages caused and any necessary reprogramming needed to prevent the occurrence of a similar situation in the future.
  • It keeps open all incident reports until each is fully resolved, too.
  • The database performance monitoring service also covers all break/fix resolutions to ensure that incidents don’t disrupt operations and to prevent future events.
  • Datavail’s remote database monitoring system maintains a permanent record of incident histories, so we can always track back to see what’s been done.

The Benefits of Database Monitoring

You’ll experience significant benefits using Datavail’s database monitoring services:

  • We’ve improved processing and response times, so the system can clear issues quickly, reducing unnecessary delays or damages.
  • We’ve also streamlined the accuracy of our notifications and alerts, eliminating unnecessary duplications.
  • Flexible configuration options optimize the database monitoring system to meet your enterprise needs, applying best practices strategies across all sectors.

Most importantly, Datavail’s database performance monitoring services eliminate the risk of suffering losses caused by a single point of failure, an error or event that crashes your entire organization.

Datavail Database Monitoring Enhancements

Our highly secure HTTPS protocols ensure the safety and security of all your corporate information. We’ve also shared alert dependencies across several servers, so there’s always a path to our support.

Other customer service enhancements include:

  • A customizable ‘notes to Datavail’ port for more accessible communications.
  • Lightweight independent server agents.
  • A faster, easier setup procedure to protect your organization as quickly as possible.

The Datavail database monitoring service assures its customers that their entire digital infrastructure is safe and operational.

  • It automatically audits your systems and enhances their performance by detecting unused or overtaxed resources, catching errors, and preventing intrusions.
  • It detects anomalies – intentional or unintentional – before they blow up into crises.
  • It collects and records the data needed to prove damages and make repairs.

Datavail invested in its own IP and developed Datavail TechBoostTM, a cloud-based automation platform to automate a wide variety of operating system and database parameters that improves the service experience and drives efficiency.

You shouldn’t waste the high values provided to your company by your DBA on mundane database monitoring duties. Free that resource for better purposes by signing on to Datavail’s database monitoring services today. Complete the form for more information.

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