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10 Ways You Gain with Datavail

More than 600 organizations like yours use Datavail to plan, design, build and deploy intelligent enterprise solutions, leverage data for insight through BI and analytics, and manage the core of both those applications: organizational data itself. See what Datavail can do for you.

# 1 Augment Your Team

Fill gaps, lighten loads, gain expertise

The Problems You Might Be Facing
Your DBAs are strong but need support… You need help with an EPM project… Workload doesn’t justify in-house hires… If you could hire, one person wouldn’t solve your problem.
How We Can Help
Use remote services from Datavail to add capacity… Use Datavail for fractional resources or project-related consulting… Gain 24×7 coverage and stress relief for your staff… Improve results and contain costs.

# 2 Achieve Better Results

Improve performance, decrease attrition

The Problems You Might Be Facing
Projects are piling up… Your application team needs more DBA time… Your Database staff is consumed with Tier 2 production work… Employee stress leads to turnover.
How We Can Help
Use Datavail to handle production support… Your on-staff employees deliver more value… You dramatically improve employee retention and morale.

# 3 Gain 24x7x365 Coverage

Contain costs while gaining 24×7 coverage

The Problems You Might Be Facing
Your team isn’t large enough for 24×7 coverage… Escalations cause late night calls, leading to turnover… Quality suffers.
How We Can Help
Use remote Datavail to cover the late shifts and relieve your employees… Let your staff focus on higher value work… Cut costs, improve quality and gain flexibility.

# 4 Fill DBA, EPM or AppDev Gaps

Lighten loads while you expand capabilities

The Problems You Might Be Facing
You need more staff for coverage or to expand capabilities… You need help with an application development, integration or implementation project… You don’t have budget for new hires.
How We Can Help
Use Datavail coverage to achieve 24/7 support… Hire Datavail’s Oracle applications experts, a team with an average 12 years of experience and 18 specializations… Tap Datavail’s application development team for Microsoft expertise… Contain costs by avoiding full-time hires.

# 5 Deploy a Complete Solution

Avoid increasing staff for a complex environment or project

The Problems You Might Be Facing
Cost pressures are mounting… Employees are quitting… You have special projects ahead: EPM deployments, portals, customer self-service or process automation… You can’t find the talent you need.
How We Can Help
Implement Datavail’s multi-tiered 24×7 coverage for skills on all major applications and databases… Avoid having to staff up for a complex environment… Manage costs and receive more value.

# 6 Cut Costs and Raise Quality

Achieve better performance and lower costs with the Datavail Service Platform

The Problems You Might Be Facing
Downtime plagues your system and users… Database and application performance quality is low… Troubles take too long to fix.
How We Can Help
Datavail’s own suite of monitoring software catches problems proactively, cutting downtime… Our average client cuts database admin costs at least 25%… Clients see less downtime in updates, migrations and consolidations.

# 7 Accelerate Financial Reporting

Give leaders better information faster

The Problems You Might Be Facing
Your financial staff uses outdated, inaccuracy-prone processes… You have Hyperion, but need support… You need to upgrade, or want to move to the cloud.
How We Can Help
Get the benefit of Datavail’s 300+ Hyperion and EPM engagements… Access experts with 18 Oracle specializations… Perform close and consolidation functions faster with more accuracy.

# 8 Make Informed Decisions

Help decision makers with best-of-breed BI and analytics

The Problems You Might Be Facing
Your leadership wants more BI, analytics and dashboards… You need a data warehouse – and someone to build it… It’s not enough to know what happened, you want to know what will happen next.
How We Can Help
Datavail’s BI/Analytics team will help you harness and exploit your data for business insight… You’ll gain handy, quick-to-read dashboards and visualization tools… Your decision makers will have improved visibility into your business and future.

# 9 Deploy Intelligent Solutions

Build and leverage organizational data with smart automation

The Problems You Might Be Facing
You need business process automation… You don’t have inside staff to plan, design, build and deploy your vision.
How We Can Help
Datavail developers knit together all the elements of process automation solutions… You’ll gain an elegant solution that accelerates business activity… Data will automatically flow to the right applications and databases, building your organizational knowledge.

# 10 Obtain Tier 3 & Above Support

Gain access to the highest level of technical talent when you need it

The Problems You Might Be Facing
You need more senior level skill sets… The skills needed are too broad to be covered by a single analyst, system admin or DBA.
How We Can Help
Datavail gives you engineering & architecture talent you need, when you need it… We can serve as an escalation path for your team… Reduce costs by avoiding multiple hires for broad requirements.

What Our Clients Say

Appreciate the effort for the quick turnaround for a successful delivery.

Executive Director, Healthcare Organization

Datavail does a fantastic job and gives me peace of mind.

IT Vice President, Computer Services

Datavail has a very competent staff of DBAs that are monitoring 24/7.

IT Professional, Energy & Utilities

Excellent Value Proposition. 24x7 coverage and peace of mind.

IT Director, Insurance Industry

Datavail provides consistent service, leadership listens to and acts on concerns.

IT Vice President, Insurance Industry

Excellent support, very dedicated and responsive DBA team.

Database Manager, Electronics Industry

Datavail provides professional and knowledgeable service. I appreciate their expertise and availability to complete requested efforts.

IT Director, Non-Profit Organization

Datavail sets the bar for a managed service provider vendor; in fact they are not only a vendor but they are a true partner!

IT Vice President, Healthcare Organization

Competent technical team members, good people and true spirit of partnership.

Chief Information Officer, Hospitality

Datavail has a sense of urgency!

Database Manager, Retail

It's rare that an entire program exceeds expectations from start to finish, but you made it happen. You should not only be proud of what you've accomplished, but also in the way you achieved such stellar results. Well done!

Senior Director-Technology & Architecture, Fortune 500 Fast Food Chain

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