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Open Dental Software Solutions

Dental organizations rely on Open Dental software for multi-practice management and patient care. Access to professionals with deep expertise in Open Dental and MySQL management enables your software to deliver consistent business value.

Open Dental Provides Full-scope Patient and Practice Management

Your Open Dental software and its underlying MySQL database are critical for the management of your dental organization and the professional delivery of services to your patients. As a core component of your internal systems, Open Dental provides:
  • Patient care charts
  • Prescribing capabilities
  • Treatment planning
  • Appointment scheduling with automated appointment reminders
  • Imaging applications like integrated graphical tooth charts
  • SMS and email texting
  • Credit card processing
  • Custom reporting
  • Billing
  • Practice management
This powerful software enables dental practices and dental chains to manage patient onboarding, communication, diagnosis, evaluation, and follow-up from start to finish all within a single interface. It also facilitates the workflow and communication between internal clinicians and delivers the data that stakeholders need to lead and grow each practice.

Consistent 24×7 Open Dental Access for Patients and Practitioners

With so many internal and external parties relying on Open Dental, application performance becomes critical to patient and employee retention, business efficiency, and overall practice success. When unexpected performance issues interrupt the pace of business, the effects are far-reaching:
  • Complaints from platform users, both patients and practices.
  • Lack of access to essential patient and practice data, insights, and trends.
  • Interruptions in data flow between applications, databases, and tools that are critical to customer service, diagnosis, and practice analysis.
  • Slow application performance, errors, and downtime that result in customer churn.
  • Reduced confidence in the management of the business from dental practices.
  • Service delivery inefficiencies that complicate processes and decrease ROI.
  • Miscommunications and data inaccuracies that affect patient results.
The dental industry is still struggling to reach pre-pandemic capacity. According to recent American Dental Association (ADA) surveys, practices are still reporting only 80% of previous patient volumes. And with teledentistry playing an increasingly important role in patient care, keeping Open Dental online and accessible 24×7 is more critical than ever.

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Datavail Keeps You and Your Patients Connected

While these challenges might seem overwhelming, having an experienced database and software management team like Datavail by your side facilitates an even greater and more personal connection between your organization, your practices, and their patients. Our professionals help companies like yours stay focused on superior service and innovation by taking the reins on your foundational IT:
  • Database and software upgrades and patches
  • Scheduled performance tuning and maintenance
  • Galera clustering for high availability
  • 24×7 monitoring to address issues before they affect your users
  • Building automations for greater efficiency
  • Data warehousing – a single source of truth for all your data
  • Data integration of third-party applications and tools
  • Data integration, ETL, and ELT
  • Reporting & analytics for forecasting and trend analysis
  • Implementation of best practices and modern tools

The Advantages of Peak Performance

When Open Dental and its underlying MySQL database are running at peak performance, your practitioners can take full advantage of the features of Open Dental to deliver a streamlined and professional customer experience.
  • Eliminate lag and downtime.
  • Improve overall performance and reduce the volume of user and customer complaints.
  • Adjust your database and software to scale with rapid business growth.
  • Increase data access across roles, locations, and practices.
  • Build a data & analytics foundation for forecasting and trend analysis.

Why Datavail?

Hiring high-quality DBAs is a big ask for any dental organization. Datavail provides a full scope of skills and expertise in Open Dental, MySQL, and leading cloud platforms to supplement your internal IT managers.

ISO/IEC 27001 & 27701 certification, with 1000+ data professionals with years of technical expertise.
DBAs with decades of experience in MySQL and Open Dental, strong book of satisfied clients from SMB to Fortune 100.
Deep knowledge of the nuances of maximizing Open Dental performance on MySQL.
Hundreds of certifications across the leading infrastructure, database, and application platforms.

Contact the Open Dental Experts

Our team has helped dental organizations like yours reduce latency, scale software investments, and build cloud analytics solutions that quicken the pace of business and improve customer satisfaction.

Learn more about how to optimize the performance and ROI of your Open Dental software by contacting our database and application team. We will bring best practices, technological innovations, and custom solutions to lead you to a stronger technology foundation.

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