Database Administration Case Studies

Datavail's Remote DBA Expertise Drives Business Goals

Discover how Datavail serves countless organizations and their unique database administration needs by viewing our collection of case studies below. From small business to large enterprises, our remote DBAs have the expertise to help with all your database needs. Filter by role, service area, and technology to find what you need quickly and easily.

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Packing Essentials

Packing the Essentials for Your Journey to Cloud Analytics

Cloud computing can utterly transform your business processes for the better, but it's not a journey that you can make casually or overnight. Find out today what you need to do for your migration to the cloud by downloading Datavail's white paper.

Managing DER

Managing Distributed Energy Resources: Utilities Can’t Do it Without Customers

This white paper explains why Distributed Energy Resources are making demand management a priority and how self-service options have helped utilities save money while bolstering customer ties.

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MySQL Service Overview

Unlike many providers who often promote PHP developers for MySQL work, Datavail seeks only seasoned MySQL database administration experts with a strong focused background in this environment – from smaller operations to high transaction and volume environments up to multiple TB.

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Dolphin - Gain Control

Gain Control of your Business with Contract Lifecycle Management

In this latest white paper from Datavail, we’ll explore the mounting Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) challenges and why adopting a software managed solution should be a strategic imperative for your business.

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Best Practices in Moving Hyperion to Cloud

Best Practices in Moving Hyperion Planning to the Cloud

You’ll learn how this move fit with each company’s corporate vision for the organization, how configuring EPBCS modules improved processes, and how new reports and scenarios took their financial planning from “on-premise engine” to “cloud machine.”

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Pop the Hood

Pop the Hood: Keep the Hyperion Engine Running with Proactive Performance Testing

This white paper will discuss the fundamentals of performance testing, and review new methods to accomplish this vital best practice more quickly and efficiently.

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Driving a Better Customer Experience Through Self-Service

When you download this white paper, you’ll find out why customers are increasingly looking for self-service options, and how providing those options can benefit your company.

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90 Seconds Accelatis

90 seconds that will change the way you think about Hyperion

Your Hyperion systems are mission critical. Take 90 seconds to learn how Datavail’s APM software can accomplish things in Hyperion that you didn't know were possible.

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9 Reasons SQL Server

9 Reasons to Upgrade Your SQL Environment

Download our white paper Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade Your SQL Database to learn exactly what you're missing and the risks that you're taking.

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Taming the Beast

Taming the Beast: Optimizing Oracle EBS for Radical Efficiency

Oracle E-Business Suite is an incredibly powerful tool for managing business processes, but it's robust footprint can quickly become unwieldy. This white paper will show you how EBS can be optimized to accomplish radical efficiency.

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Turning Customer Touchpoints Into Loyalty

Turning Customer Touchpoints into Insights that Drive Loyalty

We developed a white paper, Turning Customer Touchpoints into Insights that Drive Loyalty, to help you explore the opportunities for increasing loyalty within your customer base.

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