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IT Solutions for the Restaurant Industry

As technology advancements evolve consumer behavior, restaurants increasingly leverage digital solutions to enhance the customer experience, streamline operations, and drive revenue growth. As experts in managed services, implementation, and consulting, Datavail helps mitigate these challenges by providing robust data management, advanced analytics, and comprehensive digital system integration.

Datavail Provides Support You Can Trust

ISO/IEC 27001 & 27701 certified along with hundreds of certifications across the leading infrastructure, database, and application platforms.

Over 17 years in the industry with 1200+ consultants delivering over 1000+ implementation experiences and 500+ customers with an average relationship span of 7+ years.

Premier alliances with top technology providers like Oracle, AWS, Microsoft and more.

Proven expertise in enabling restaurant companies to reduce their overall technology stack costs by up to 50%, encompassing database administration, application management, and infrastructure expenses.

Industry Challenges

  • Omnichannel Experience: Restaurants must adapt to unpredictable customer journeys requiring advanced technology to ensure quality, convenience, and speed in every interaction.
  • Labor Costs and Shortages: Post-pandemic, restaurants face increased staffing shortages, driving a need for cost-effective solutions like automation and self-service.
  • Supply Chain Management: Restaurants must effectively manage supply chain risks to prevent costly issues such as food safety breaches and ensure compliance and sustainability.
  • Sustainability and Efficiency in Operations: With growing consumer demand for eco-friendly options, restaurants use technology to optimize food orders, enhance delivery routes, and improve energy management, thereby reducing waste and boosting sustainability.
  • Third-Party Data Management: The proliferation of third-party delivery and ghost kitchens poses challenges for managing customer relationships and personalizing services due to fragmented data.
  • Technology Complexity: Restaurants contend with managing diverse systems and complex technologies, often resulting in inefficiencies that require substantial IT resources and investment.

Datavail Keeps Your Organization Looking Forward

Every detail counts towards winning customer loyalty and enhancing operational efficiency, and Datavail is here to be your innovation partner. Like many of our clients striving to increase average ticket sizes, boost guest visits, reduce operational costs, and capture more significant market share, we help you realize the potential of your data. We help transform your data into actionable insights and strategic assets, pushing you ahead in one of the most competitive markets in the consumer space.

Database Management

Securely store, manage, and access crucial data across your restaurants. Our robust database solutions ensure data integrity and scalability.

Advanced Data Analytics

Turn data into actionable insights with our advanced analytics tools. Understand customer behavior, optimize menu offerings, and improve marketing strategies to drive revenue and loyalty.

Cloud Enablement

Giving you the ability to deliver faster, personalized mobile and online services with cloud solutions that scale, speed, and flex with customer demand.

Financial & Supply Chain Management

Keep track of your finances with tools that help manage revenue, expenses, and profitability. Optimize your inventory and supply chain processes to reduce waste and ensure the best ingredients are always available.

Customized Digital Transformations

By tailoring digital solutions to a restaurant’s specific needs, Datavail can help address unique challenges, such as adapting to new health trends or improving customer engagement through personalized experiences.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage Datavail’s advanced AI technologies to enhance decision-making, automate operational processes, and personalize customer experiences, ensuring your restaurant stays at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.

Integrated Digital Systems

From cloud-based POS systems to comprehensive CRM software, streamline your operations to meet modern demands.

Tech Integration

Implementing integrated technology solutions can help streamline operations, from inventory management to digital ordering systems, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Quality and Compliance Tools

Datavail’s solutions can help restaurants manage their supply chains more effectively and ensure compliance with food safety standards and sustainability practices.

Human Capital Management

Manage staffing efficiently with tools that help hire, train, and schedule your team.

Our Customers’ Success Can Be Your Success Too

We don’t just promise results; we deliver them, providing the support, consulting, and strategic direction needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Helped a polished casual restaurant chain gain an ROI in the millions by building a platform that delivers insights into each restaurant’s operational and financial performance, evaluates server performance, and manages food costs.

Delivered database administration services to a Global 500 restaurant and hospitality company that enabled them to save up to 50% on costs.

Reduced server lag from 24 hours to five minutes and automated menu and pricing updates for a Fortune 500 fast food chain.

Assisted a food and beverage chain tackle its data governance challenges by creating a single version of the truth and developing high quality financial reports.
Improved efficiency and provided peace of mind of a global fast food chain by upgrading its end of life databases.

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