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IT Solutions for the Retail Industry

The retail industry has faced a year that will shape the market for decades to come – and technology has been a game changer for surviving the fluctuations. Datavail provides retailers the stability and expertise their core systems need so executives can focus on cost-cutting and recovery, and meeting the demands of tomorrow’s tech-driven consumer.

Datavail Builds the Retail Industry Solutions of Tomorrow

ISO/IEC 27001 & 27701 certified. Hundreds of certifications across the leading infrastructure, database, and application platforms.
Strong background delivering IT solutions that enable retail companies to reduce costs, increase ROI, and improve customer satisfaction up to 85%.
Premier alliances with top technology providers like Oracle, AWS, Microsoft, MongoDB and more. Skilled cloud practitioners with hundreds of migrations to SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS platforms.
Proven experience helping retail customers with round-the-clock database & application coverage, loyalty programs & customer engagement, and automating supply chain processes.

Retailers Are Still Recovering from Years of Disruption

Retailers must continue to create stable, consistent unified customer experiences across mobile apps, call centers, storefronts, websites, IoT, social media, and more.

The Era of Commerce 3.0

Companies that want to overcome the setbacks of the pandemic and achieve unified commerce need to be able to develop an infrastructure that integrates mobile, offline, and online purchasing so customers receive a seamless, personalized experience.

Retailers that partner with Datavail gain access to a professional team that not only has a solid track record of increasing system uptime and performance, but also knows how to leverage cutting-edge tools like automation, artificial intelligence, prescriptive analytics, and bots to keep companies ahead of the competition.

Let us help you build a data foundation that will fuel continual modernization.

24x7 Database Monitoring

Reducing failures and downtime so your critical systems stay online and functioning at peak performance.

Data Warehousing & ETL

Creating a single source of truth that connects data from sources across your organization – both digital and physical – so you can respond to real-time analytics and personalize the customer experience.

Advanced Analytics

Leveraging innovations like go-style smart checkout, smart robots, AI-enabled merchandising, touchless customer experiences, conversational commerce, and more to bring the right customers to your door and keep them coming back.

Enterprise Application Management

Implementing, configuring, and maintaining the critical enterprise applications your employees and stores rely on to deliver superior customer service, efficient supply chain, and responsible financial management.

Application Development

Building custom applications, websites, and mobile applications that deliver unique value that differentiates you from your competition.

Cloud Enablement

Increasing efficiency, modernizing, and decreasing costs by leveraging sophisticated cloud technologies that speed the pace of commerce and flex with company growth.

Our Customers’ Success Can Be Your Success Too

It’s an easy thing to say that we’ve delivered valuable solutions to retail companies like yours; it’s another thing to prove it. Our customers can speak to the deep expertise of our retail IT professionals.

Helped a retail merchandising partner reduce CapEx expenses to zero and improve scalability and performance by migrating them to Azure cloud.
Configured a customer budgeting solution for an enterprise retailer and its more than 3,500 stores that improved customer satisfaction by 85%.
Improved database performance and modernized the systems of an airport retail chain by migrating them to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Contact An Industry Expert

If the pandemic taught retailers anything, it’s that they should be prepared for anything; and that sooner is always better when it comes to new technology adoption. With Datavail by your side, you have a data management foundation that can withstand disruption.

Our retail industry specialists come to the table with best practices, proven methodologies, lessons learned, and custom solutions that will speed transactions and keep you top-of-mind as your customers search for products that meet their needs. We understand what a vital role data plays in your business; let us help you leverage it to meet and exceed the demands of your consumers.

Contact our team today to prepare your company for the retail innovations of the coming decade.

Give us a call: 866-834-4810 or fill out the form on this page.

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