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Performance Monitoring

Insight, Control, and Peace of Mind

Keeping your Oracle Hyperion EPM environment running smoothly requires close and constant attention to the many moving parts throughout your environment.

Unprecedented Real Time Visibility

Dashboards, Reports, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) constantly provide you with the details you need from across your entire system in real time.

Consistent, Reliable Approach

No more depending solely upon teams of internal and external experts to catch every movement throughout your system and to have the right answer every time you need one. Datavail identifies patterns and potential issues consistently so you can be assured nothing is missed.


Pulling logs throughout your environment for all of the moving parts that need to be monitored is more than a full time job. Making sense of all of your information is another time consuming step that requires deep expertise. Datavail does the heavy lifting and prioritizing to let you constantly see what matters most.


Alerts and triggers across the entire EPM Suite allow you to catch problems before they happen to achieve high availability and improved quality of service. Remediate issues automatically for improved fault tolerance or send alerts for manual remediation.

Out of the box

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), health checks, and dashboards are configured out-of-the-box so there is no need to reinvent the wheel by wasting time deciding what to measure and monitor and excessive configuration exercises.

Finance and IT Friendly

Automatically detect, capture and report on SOX-related changes.

Unique and Deep Insight

Datavail’s Application Performance Management platform was built from the ground up by Oracle Hyperion EPM experts to address the challenges that clients have experienced time and time again. Leverage years of the deepest Oracle Hyperion EPM expertise in the industry to help consistently keep your system in top condition.


Want to go beyond what you receive from the out of the box health checks, dashboards and KPIs? Enjoy the flexibility of designing your own reports and monitoring or making associations between any elements of your environment that you choose to focus upon.

View Real-time server performance measures on each server and environment such as:

  • CPU and memory usage
  • Physical Machine Properties
  • Software Versions
  • Product Properties
  • Installed File Versions
  • Users
  • Jobs
  • Application Settings
  • Versions
  • Statistical Breakdown of Key Dimensions
  • View the status, connectivity, and properties of your entire system across multiple servers and environments.
  • Audit all infrastructure and product changes.
  • Compare product settings, server settings and installed files across servers and receive alerts to any that are out-of-sync. Discrepancies such as these often manifest into issues without remediation.
  • Audit all product settings changes regardless of whether the changes were made via Datavail, in the native product or manually.


  • View User Activity, Log Events and KPI graphs in real time on one screen.
  • Generate automatically or on demand
  • Create your own KPI’s, Reports, and Dashboards to go beyond those you receive out of the box
  • Track all system components that affect stability and performance of a Hyperion deployment.
  • Monitor KPIs, Component Health, User Response Time, Logs, Network Performance, Data and Configuration.

Server Monitoring

  • Track all system components that affect stability and performance of a Hyperion deployment.
  • Monitor KPIs, Component Health, User Response Time, Logs, Network Performance, Data and Configuration.

Real-Time Alerting

Alert off of any log event, system event, or performance threshold. In addition to singular events Datavail can alert on behaviors and patterns of activity. For example, you can be alerted to the following events while there is still time to prevent disruption or other negative side-effects:

  • Server configurations out-of-sync
  • Hacking attempt in progress
  • Log Size reaches size threshold
  • Specific user activity
  • Specific system events
  • User activity patterns
  • System event patterns

Alerts can be received via text, e-mail, to multiple users including interfacing with other Application Performance Monitoring tools that may be in place, such as Tivoli, etc.


Reports you can receive include:

  • Detailed user activity and document usage statistics.
  • Create benchmark reports between two environments to help manage hardware and software migrations.
  • System Metrics
  • End-User Performance
  • Component Performance and Uptime
  • Network Performance
  • Benchmark Task Performance
  • Longest running consolidations (and the users who ran them)
  • Longest running Reports
  • Users with slowest response times
  • Web Forms that use the most bandwidth
  • Most accessed documents
  • User load history

The following types of health checks can be created:

  • HTTP
  • Response
  • Database
  • Service State
  • Process State
  • Ping between components or end-user to system
  • TraceRT between components or end-user to system
  • File Existence
  • File Share Existence

Success Summary – Preventing Logs from Crashing the System

A client at Accelatis, a company acquired by Datavail in 2017, experienced downtime when an event log reached capacity and the system automatically shut down. To prevent this from recurring, an alert was established to trigger when the log reached a certain threshold. The alert was chained to an automation task to archive and purge the log and then send an email to the admin letting them know this process occurred. Going forward, managing logs is a hands-off effort for this client, and unexpected downtime as a result of this issue is no longer a concern of theirs.

The health of your Hyperion system depends the proper functioning of many elements, including:

  • Component and Network Connectivity
  • User Activity
  • System Metrics
  • User Performance
  • Application Data
  • Configuration
Any one of these aspects can cause poor performance, downtime, and frustration. Timely, consistent, and clear insight into each of these areas is critical to maintaining your system performance at an acceptable level. Datavail’s Application Performance Management platform provides you with this much needed insight, along with the ability to make adjustments, manually or automatically, before your users experience problems.

Monitoring is accomplished leveraging the following modules: Dashboards, KPIs, Health Analysis, Log Alerts, Performance Lab and Change Audit Tracking

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