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Complex Database Migration Services

Datavail’s database migration services include the database migration tools and expertise you need to complete a move to your next database using failsafe procedures to avoid common pitfalls.

Datavail’s Approach to the Data Migration Process

Today, more than ever, your business runs on data. At the same time, technology is advancing at a rapid pace. That increases the need for database migration for a number of reasons, including when a business is migrating to the cloud, adding functionality, or consolidating servers. According to experts, many data migrations fail or take longer than planned at a higher cost.

The prospect of your business losing data, working with corrupt data, or experiencing extensive downtime is not something organizations want to entertain. Datavail helps you to eliminate downtime and the potential for data loss during a database migration.

When partnering with Datavail, organizations can expect:


Common Database Migration Projects

Datavail’s database migration experts can perform a variety of complex data migration projects including:

Developing a migration strategy. It’s critical to define a strategy to control the process and ensure that every step follows your organization’s specifications.

Mapping and transferring old data. Using the best practices for Extract-Transform-Load (ETL), Datavail will identify and remove bad data while cleaning good data.

Ensuring data integrity. A thorough review of data and applications is necessary before the migration.

Implementing a database modeling procedure. This process finds, highlights, and eliminates errors or other issues before migration occurs.

Implementing version control. Version, or source control, in the database will ensure it remains synchronized and consistent with your application source code.

Providing testing and maintenance. Datavail will be there during the migration to perform ongoing testing and maintenance to ensure a successful migration.

Our Expert Database Migration Consultants are Ready to Help

Datavail’s comprehensive experience in planning and completing successful data migrations can help you meet your technical and business needs. Our expert DBAs will work closely with your team to understand your challenges, and then plan and implement a strategic approach for your next database migration.

We can augment your team and help you to achieve better results because you can gain access to the highest level of technical talent when you need it. In addition, you’ll have access to 24×7 coverage during your migration.

Working with a database migration consultant from Datavail will save time and provide the high-level expertise you need, without having to hire in-house staff or shift current employees’ workloads to assign to migrations. Most importantly, you will avoid downtime that can cripple your business.

Complete the form to get more information and get started on your next database migration. Whether it’s routine or complex our experts have performed hundreds of migrations and we’re ready to partner with you on your database migration.

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