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AI & Machine Learning

Ready for the future of ERP? With artificial intelligence and machine learning, uncover new ERP functionality.

Drive ERP Innovation

Partnering with Datavail, we assess, map, and prepare business applications to leverage smart algorithms. Mundane tasks become automated. Tasks that are complex become opportunities for deeper data analysis, recognizing patterns and enabling predictions.

Easy to use, easy to change, and easy to connect. No data scientists needed. AI apps can react, learn and adapt in real-time across interactions — both internal and external.

Data is enriched by first-party and third-party data. Powerful algorithms detect additional data patterns that previously would have caused false-positives among rules-based programming. This is truly a self-learning, ever-improving environment. The result, better customer experiences, and better internal operations.

Datavail’s Approach to AI & Automation

Success utilizing AI and automation requires excellence in harnessing functional knowledge and technical experience. At Datavail, our clients are our partners. Together, we take our domain industry experience and apply modern best practices to connect data across the enterprise. This includes harnessing and enabling technologies like mobile, social, analytics, big data, and IOT, and more.

With Datavail you will benefit from an intelligent, personal, and complete solution that empowers your workforce to thrive. Leverage predictive analytics, visualization, and machine learning to uncover hidden business insights — future-proofing how the organization harnesses ERP.

  • Unlock data silos. Map first-party and third-party data
  • Establish an algorithmic framework to analyze ongoing data
  • Optimize reporting, dashboards, and planning functionality
  • Establish appropriate notifications and workflow automations

Transform Business with Connected Intelligence

Work smarter, operate smarter and engage smarter with partners, suppliers, customers, and employees.

  • Recruiters will source more efficiently, identifying and targeting candidates with the highest likelihood of success for a given role.
  • Procurement Managers will negotiate optimal supplier payment terms that capture savings and optimize working capital.
  • Product Teams will gain insights into shifts in customer demands and preferences.

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Better Data. Better Outcomes.

Coordinate data insights across all major business functions, platforms, and channels.
  • HCM: best-fit candidates
  • Finance: intelligent payments
  • CX: next best offers & actions
  • Supply Chain: demand sensing
  • Manufacturing: predictive alerts

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