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Informatica Technology Solutions

Performance Monitoring, Tuning, and Optimization with Informatica Services through Datavail.

Database Management and ETL with Informatica

In today’s global economy, it is the data owned and managed by an enterprise that fuels day-to-day and future growth business decisions. The better the data, the better the business decision and access to correct and accurate information is paramount in this decision process.

Organizations are seeing the benefits and taking advantage of the features Informatica offers when it comes to the very important function of data integration or ETL (extract, transform, load).

Informatica’s benefits include:

Error Handling

Informatica has a centralized system that logs errors and rejects them, putting them into relational tables which helps to correct the errors more quickly and easily.

Supports a Variety of Data and Databases

Informatica supported databases include Teradata MLoad, TPump, Parallel Transporter Fastload, and many more. It also supports a wide variety of different types of data which makes more flexible for data extraction.


A large amount of data can be integrated from multiple sources including a wide range of systems, in less time than many other ETL tools.


Informatica Workflow Monitor simplifies the process of recovering from failed or slow running jobs, and has the ability to restart from a failure. Additionally, other features include automatic job logging and runtime monitoring.


Informatica PowerCenter provides high-performance data integration to power enterprise deployments and project management.

Datavail Services Offered for Informatica

For data integration transformation, migration, and in streamlining an organization’s ETL process, Datavail possesses a chemistry that combines expert engineering capabilities with our patented tech-enabled IP toolbox to deliver your data management solution.

Datavail’s leadership in data management, infrastructure, and applications means that your organization can maximize the benefits of Informatica’s business intelligence capabilities by providing:

  • An effective ETL strategy
  • A clear definition of key discovery, cleanse, and transformation needs
  • Informatica installation assessment and configuration recommendations
  • ETL-related task management allowing your team to focus on other needs
  • 24×7 development and ETL support
  • Informatica health checks, and optimization in Informatica
  • Improved real-time access to essential data
  • DevOps implementation in Informatica
  • Installation, configuration, architecture, and running and managing your Informatica solution
Ready to learn how Datavail can help with your data management and analytics initiatives? Fill out the form and get in touch with one of our ETL consultants today to chat about your business needs and objectives.

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The Essential Guide to Informatica Health Checks & Performance Tuning

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