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Financial systems and other applications are built to be flexible and change with the needs of the business.

Understanding and tracking changes in the system between two points in time has become a crucial component for more than just performance management, but for Sarbanes-Oxley and other business audits as well. Reconciling this information after the fact can be extremely time consuming or even impossible.

Auditing with Datavail’s Application Management Platform (APM) gives you consistent access to a versioned history of infrastructure, product configuration, and key application elements. Our APM platform was developed by Hyperion experts at Accelatis, a company recently acquired by Datavail. Enjoy increased visibility automatically or on-demand to all critical changes.

In addition, internal reference numbers along with commentary can be associated with each specific change for inclusion in the report. Simplify and accelerate the process by viewing all of your settings throughout your environment and enjoy significant savings in development, configuration, maintenance, and support.

View changes to the system graphically in one centralized control panel. Compare any version against any other version, and automatically highlight changes. Identify who made the change, and what supporting business documentation prompted it.

Track all system components that affect stability and performance of an Enterprise Software deployment.

Add commentary (optional) to each change. Associate internal Change Reference numbers for inclusion in your reports.

Success Summary – 1 week a quarter of effort reduced to zero

Areas crucial to audit in today’s systems include:

  • Security Controls
  • Organizational Structure (Metadata)
  • Business Logic
  • Report Definitions
  • User Logins
  • Configuration settings
  • Registry Settings
  • Folder Contents Changes
  • Document Content Changes

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