About Datavail

Data and Database Experts Deliver Support within a Flexible Delivery Design

Companies everywhere are feeling greater pressure to compete more efficiently in today’s economic landscape. IT departments are encouraged to find ways to do more with less. Retention issues can threaten the health and integrity of your database environment. When a DBA or data specialist quits they take with them years of indispensable knowledge of your company’s database environment and force you to look for an experienced replacement. One is left to wonder, “There has to be a better way.”

Datavail is... The Largest Remote DBA Services Company In North America
  • The leader in remote database administration services:
    More than 800 employees & growing
  • Covering all major databases
  • 24x7x365
Over 700,000
DBA hours delivered
Over 125,000
Databases Monitored
A One-Stop Shop For Application Development, Integration & Support
  • Portals, Collaboration & Customer Self-Service
  • Content Management & Governance
  • Tracking & Incident Management
  • Unified Communications
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    • SharePoint
    • Office 365
Your analytics and EPM resource for
  • Business Intelligence, analytics & EPM software, tools, and platforms
  • Full application lifecycle support - plan, design, build, deploy
  • Data warehousing & data visualization
  • EPM & BI Cloud solutions
  • Planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial close & reporting

Whether it is helping a company prevent downtime through a managed database service, boost a team’s ability to troubleshoot through a specific project, or give an in-house team the much-needed relief they deserve, Datavail is the reliable, focused team of on-demand DBA experts that your company can trust.

At Datavail, you’ll find the flexibility and personal focus of a boutique database consultancy, that can deliver the excellence and professionalism you would expect to see in the largest outsourcers in the world…

While other database experts boast only of technical expertise, it is our mission to combine world-class talent with a reliable ITIL process, executive sponsorship, an effective communication strategy, and a set of operating principles to deliver consistent results lasting long after the initial kickoff.

Datavail always stays true to its core principle of providing exceptional quality and 24×7, on-demand database solutions from the cloud when you need it. Client commitment from Datavail is felt much more than it is vocalized.

Datavail provides exceptional quality, 24×7, on-demand database solutions from the cloud when you need it, as well as data management and BI/analytics solutions. We provide:

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Datavail’s experts are committed to specialization in data and database services, delivering the highest degree of flexibility when designing your data and database solutions.

Client commitment from Datavail is felt much more than it is spoken about. It is not a cliché – it is Datavail’s culture. It is demonstrated by a combination of formal processes that ensure we deliver on our tasks and commitments with continuous improvement. Our expertise, cost-effectiveness and competency will win you. Our commitment will keep you.

Meet the Leadership Team

Experience, Expertise, Excellence

Datavail’s leadership team has grown in just a few years what was once a small company of 80 employees into a burgeoning enterprise. Datavail currently employs over 800 individuals globally with absolutely no indication of slowing down. In fact, the combined experience and expertise of our leadership team is driving Datavail to continue to flourish as the largest data and database administration organization in North America.