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Build Data Lakes with Datavail’s Strategy & Roadmap Services

Modernize your business intelligence and analytics with data that’s accessible, discoverable, governed, and secure.

Empower End Users With Self-Service

Enterprises today are being hit by what many practitioners are calling a “data tsunami.”

Too many siloed sources and processes create a flood of data, which is often not managed in a governed and standardized way. The need to view all this data together is apparent. Adding to the challenge is the fact that different types of data – structured, semi-structured, and unstructured – exist alongside other cloud systems, social channels, and traditional technologies.

With the need to empower end users with self-service and the demand to mash-up data in different formats, and to be able to combine or convert it into other usable formats from one centralized location, the need for a well-architected, governed, managed data lake becomes a clear choice to help deliver business outcomes.

Datavail’s team of experts can help roadmap, design, and build a data lake architecture, whether it be a physical on-prem data lake, a data lake in the cloud, or even a virtual/logical data lake, that puts you exactly where you want to be. Let our team show you how to drive better analysis and smarter action through superior business intelligence.

Datavail’s Data Strategy & Roadmap Service will result in an ideal architecture plan and implementation strategy that allows the ingestion of raw source data, subsequent processing, and outputs for analytics or BI purposes. Our consultants create truly custom solutions that are planned “from the bottom up” to ensure your critical requirements are fulfilled.

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Trust Datavail’s BI Consultants & Expert Implementation

  • Expertise across database architecture design and implementation of cloud-based migrations.
  • We build what we recommend. From a technical perspective, Datavail’s depth allows us to implement the components in the data lake across major software vendors.
  • 100+ projects foster deep capability in enterprise data warehousing and Big Data.
  • Our services and expert consulting team will ensure you have clear, tangible steps for implementing and executing your data lakes vision.

What You Can Do With a Successful Data Lake Roadmap Strategy

  • Make your data accessible, discoverable, governed, and secure.
  • Consolidate data in a centralized location.
  • Collect, compare, and output data for business intelligence and analytics purposes.
  • Enable self-service reporting.
  • Push digital transformation or modernization.
  • Create a data management value chain for analytics.

Top 4 Initial Considerations for Data Lakes

Data lakes have many advantages for companies with a wealth of structured and unstructured data – much of which may not need to be accessed immediately, but will be important for future analytics.

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More accessible, discoverable, and actionable data means better business intelligence. Instead of asking “where and how,” you’ll measure core metrics and ask yourself “when.” No matter the data type, we’ve already accounted for it and fed it into the data lake in such a way that the information can be utilized and stored.

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