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IT Solutions for the Energy & Utilities Industry

Enable sustainability, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction. We are your reliable partner in meeting the changing demands of stakeholders, citizens, internal team members, and legislators in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Datavail Brings the Expertise You Need to Solve Your Most Pressing Challenges

Over a decade of experience working with large North American power providers and regional electric system operators.
Highly-skilled staff of former utility IT professionals who understand your challenges from the ground up.
Single provider for cross-company data initiatives – from analytics to data warehouses to custom applications and intranets.
Proven ability to lower IT administration costs and improve round-the-clock coverage for utilities customers.

It’s a Tough Time to be in the Energy Business

The last decade has introduced a set of unexpected challenges to the energy and utilities industries. Organizations are attempting to make the difficult move from a cost-of-service to a performance-based billing model while coping with a global transition to low-carbon lifestyles and alternative energy sources.

Customers are also increasingly demanding a digitized experience for customer service, billing, and outage reporting.

In addition, utilities have a host of internal mountains to climb:

  • Need for efficiency in booking, dispatching, and equipment monitoring
  • Increasing demand for clean energy and green power sources
  • Aging utility grids and outdated infrastructure
  • Preparing for current and future energy demand

Technology is the Answer

Utilities across the continent are investing in technology solutions that improve efficiency and profitability.

Digital Innovation That Mitigates Disruption

As utilities adjust to performance-based regulation (PBR) and green energy initiatives, the customer will increasingly become the focal point of business. Your technology stack – from your IT infrastructure to your analytics tools – are at the heart of your organization’s ability to deliver the services that today’s customer requires.

Partnering with us means preparing your organization for the future while protecting it in the present. We help utilities make gains on their most important initiatives.

Database & Application Management and Monitoring

Keeping critical systems online and functioning at peak performance 24×7.

Cloud Enablement

Migrating critical systems to the cloud or hybrid cloud so your utility has the flexibility, scalability, and availability it needs to provide reliable, innovative services.

Predictive Analytics

Preventing failures and outages by understanding and repairing known system weaknesses before they falter.

Data Integration

Connecting your data across legacy systems like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, and more so you can trust the story your data tells.

Application Development

Building custom applications and web portals that create an optimal customer experience and ease the billing process.

Customer Journey Mapping

Discovering what steps your customers take to interact with your utility and where you can enhance service.

Data Warehousing

Combining data into a single, homogenized whole so it is available for in-depth analysis that draws from all relevant sources.

Advanced Analytics

Leverage the data you collect from things like distribution system sensors, smart meters and customer interactions to enable proactive maintenance, revenue protection and implement other efficiency measures.

Our Customers’ Success Can Be Your Success Too

Datavail’s delivery team has been instrumental in helping energy and utilities companies across the continent build digital strength that reduces costs, increases efficiencies, and builds closer utility-customer ties.

Helped a large Canadian utility company increase e-billing and self-service from 8% to 44%, significantly decreasing the clients mailing expenses.
Enabled a 20% increase in the use of self-service for the largest municipal electricity distribution company in Canada.

Contact An Industry Expert

For more than a decade, Datavail has worked with some of the top utilities and electric system operators in North America. We’ve helped organizations employ distribution system maintenance analytics, collaborate effectively through enterprise content management, develop data warehouses, create self-service applications, and more.

Our industry specialists come to the table with best practices, proven methodologies, lessons learned and utilities-specific industry experience that will speed project delivery and mitigate risk. We understand what a vital role data plays in your business; we will help you leverage it to meet and exceed the demands of your consumers.

Contact us to discuss how we can leverage your existing systems or introduce new technologies to keep you at the forefront of digital innovation and the energy transition.

Give us a call: 866-834-4810 or fill out the form on this page.

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