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DBA Future Trends: Cloud-Native and Automation

Learn about what the future holds for database administrators, with cloud native solutions and automation rising in popularity.

Datavail | March 28, 2023

The Battle of Oracle Costs: On-Premises vs Cloud-Based Solutions

This blog exprores the additional costs that organizations can avoid if they transition towards Oracle Cloud HCM. Learn more.

Datavail | March 14, 2023

Q&A: Using Logic Apps as a Part of Your Overall Architecture

As an IT services consultancy, we often get asked about new tools and platforms, and Microsoft’s Logic Apps is no exception. Learn more.

Datavail | March 9, 2023

Microsoft Logic Apps – Is It Right for Your Organization?

Microsoft Logic Apps is an innovative cloud-based solution designed to streamline and automate workflows. Learn more.

Datavail | March 7, 2023
Cloud Migration

From PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud HCM: The Future of HR

PeopleSoft has been a popular ERP for years, but as the world becomes more digitized, many businesses are finding they need to upgrade.

Datavail | March 2, 2023

Is Oracle ERP Financials Helping CFOs Make the Right Decisions?

Managing financial data across multiple business units, currencies, and locations is tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn more.

Datavail | February 28, 2023

Oracle to AWS Cloud Migration and Modernization Patterns

Learn common Oracle on AWS cloud migration and modernization patterns in this blog post.

Datavail | February 23, 2023

What You Need to Know Before You Start a PostgreSQL Migration to Amazon Aurora

Moving PostgreSQL databases to Amazon Aurora requires a thorough understanding of your databases, your applications, your migration goals, and your resources.

Datavail | February 21, 2023

5 Ways to Help Your Remote Workers Find Work-life Balance

Now, more than ever, IT leaders need to get creative and find ways to build social connection between employees. Learn more.

Datavail | February 16, 2023

Top 3 Employment Drivers of Today’s Remote IT Worker

What is motivating tech workers to stay or leave an organization? Here’s the top 3 career drivers you need to know about.

Datavail | February 14, 2023

Upgrading and Migrating End of Life SQL Server 2012 Databases on AWS

SQL Server 2012 is End of Life, it’s time to make decisions on how to address it. Learn 3 options for upgrading and migrating SQL Server databases on AWS.

Datavail | February 2, 2023

What is Driving Large Businesses to Turn to Cloud?

In this blog, we address common misconceptions regarding cloud adoption. Learn more.

Datavail | January 26, 2023
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