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Database Staffing Services

Dedicated Onsite and Remote DBAs for Your Organization

We are a full service database services organization that has built a robust community of DBA experts across the country.

Because of this specialization, many clients have turned to us to find specialized expertise, additional DBA capacity or other database staff augmentation needs. It is our mission to provide the best database staffing support to our customers with a delivery design that meets their needs as an organization.

Datavail has acquired an extensive network of DBAs across many competencies and geographies. Through our extensive DBA recruiting process, we are proud to offer this staffing service to our clients and are confident that our technical vetting process will ensure that you receive the best candidate possible.

In addition to our DBA staffing services, we also offer a 24×7 database support team on demand to step in if required. All of our DBAs on-site come equipped with the support of Datavail’s remote team to provide additional capabilities, such as escalation and troubleshooting and additional technical validation or manpower when it is required.

Professional Multi-Tiered Recruiting and Placement Process

  • Requirements gathering with the client
  • Technical interview by a Sr. DBA in the appropriate practice that tests for technical skill based on 3-tiered technical grading – interviewer is a leading, highly accomplished database expert in his field with a keen eye for quality and technical capacity
  • Soft skills interview to check for communication and cultural fit
  • Datavail reports to client with recommendation for best candidate
  • Client interviews candidate
  • Datavail and client conference to talk about position and potential fit

Datavail Provides:

  • National coverage
  • Internal dedicated DBA recruiting function
  • The ability to support an on-site DBA when required
  • Per diem rates
  • Fixed monthly rates
  • Short-term availability
  • Contract to hire
  • Satisfaction and Trust
  • Ongoing client care
  • Easy no-cost replacement
  • Datavail backup with our team ready to step in at any time

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