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Are Your Knowledge Workers Spending 61% of Their Time Processing Information?

According to McKinsey Global Institute, knowledge workers spend 61 percent of their time searching for information or expertise, trying to understand and share information, or attempting to act on information.

Just imagine how much of that time could be spent on more productive activities if your organization had systems that promoted access to information across departmental lines, and the ability to easily collaborate with coworkers to share information and expertise.

What Does Effective Collaboration Look Like?

A SharePoint-powered Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system can provide the type of access to information that will support the collaboration your organization needs to be efficient, agile and collaborative. A SharePoint-powered ECM can:

  • Connect your employees to the information and people that will enable them to meet objectives and goals easily and quickly
  • Create interactive portals for customers and employees
  • Centrally manage diverse content to allow easy access
  • Easily manage document properties, and make every document unique
  • Help save time by reusing settings
  • Control access to information at any level
  • Streamline the collaborative process with built-in workflows

During the assessment, our practitioners will walk your team through a cloud assessment maturity model to arrive at the answers to questions such as these. Because it covers most of the requirements and major steps in a cloud implementation, this framework can assist you in understanding if and when the cloud may be appropriate for your organization.

Datavail’s Collaboration Service Offerings

Our collaboration experts will help you put your organization back in control with a managed SharePoint ECM implementation. We’ll help you ensure that your ECM solution is simple and familiar. If you’re using SharePoint now, you can lower the licensing and training costs by adopting a SharePoint ECM. You’ll also know that your organization will combine automation, reliability and compliance to achieve efficient, accurate and auditable recordkeeping.

We will help you develop and implement a collaboration strategy using our proven practices that will help you increase operational efficiency and support business growth.

Your Organization Will Benefit From Collaboration Technology

  • Records Management: We’ll work together to capture and classify records, and then manage the storage and disposal of both electronic and physical records to meet legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Document Management: Your system will increase the accessibility of documents and improve your ability to search for documents throughout the organization.
  • Improved Collaboration: Employees will do more collaborating because they’ll reduce the amount of time required to find information and spend more time sharing and working together to take action.
  • Contract Management: You’ll solve typical contract management problems with apps like Dolphin Contract Manager. You’ll be able to easily store, find and access contracts to avoid missed deadlines.
  • Enterprise Social: Encourage employees to share knowledge and bring teams and leaders together with an enterprise level social networking tool like Yammer. You’ll support the type of discussion that inspires and motivates.

Collaboration needs to be part of your future. Make sure you provide the right tools to make collaboration easy. Contact us, and one of our SharePoint collaboration experts will provide more information.

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