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SLA Management, Support, & Services

Industry-Leading Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements are an indication of trust between a service provider and a customer.

Our industry-leading SLA is a true representation of what you can count on from Datavail. We are committed to supporting and protecting your mission critical data and providing assurance of that protection and support is a critical element of our success.
Category Description
Priority 1
Emergency or critical condition
Production impact on a wide scale (DB Down, Space Full, Log Error, etc…)
Priority 2
High impact to client
Production still able to function (Bottlenecks, Job Failure, session waits, etc…)
Priority 3
Low or no immediate impact to client
Warning, threshold or trending alert (Fragmentation, Bad SQL, Capacity, etc…)
Service Task Duration less than 15 minutes
4 business hours notice to start task
e.g. Add User, Kill Session, Execute DDL/DML, Reset Password, etc…
Service Request Duration between 15 minutes and 2 hours
Notice to start request determined by criticality
e.g. SQL Tuning, Apply Patch, Data Refreshes, Root Cause Analysis, etc…
Project Duration over 2 hours to complete
Notice to start request determined by criticality
e.g. Major Upgrade, Migrations, Proactive Administration, Coding, etc…

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