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Oracle Cloud Business Accelerator (HealthBoost™)

Fast-Track Oracle Cloud Excellence with Datavail HealthBoost’s Business Accelerator.

Fixed Cost & Fixed Term

Datavail HealthBoost is a rapid assessment service package with a fixed cost & fixed term, explicitly designed to help customers get to their Oracle application and cloud journey. Whether you’re evaluating the alignment of technology with business goals, integrating technology assets to unlock value, or navigating the transition to next-gen Oracle Cloud technologies for application modernization, HealthBoost is your answer.

  • How do I manage and integrate my technology assets to drive more value?
  • How do I embrace Next-gen Oracle Technologies for Application modernization?
  • How do I transition my current applications portfolio to Oracle cloud?

Cloud assessment is a critical step and an answer for all above questions for executives to ensure that the move to the Oracle Cloud is a strategic, informed, and calculated decision that will deliver transformative benefits while addressing the unique challenges of their application portfolio. Datavail HealthBoost provides rapid visibility into the high-level benefits of embarking on a Oracle Cloud transformation, equipping executives with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Accelerated Oracle Cloud Adoption with Strategic Insights

Datavail HealthBoost clearly depicts your current state, uncovers the critical gaps, and proposes specific, actionable steps to overcome these hurdles. This holistic approach ensures that the transition is not just about migration but also about maximizing the impact and efficiency of the Oracle Cloud. Datavail HealthBoost assesses and sets the pace for your cloud transformation journey.

HealthBoost evaluates organizational readiness and benchmarks best practices to tailor a cloud strategy that fits your unique needs while ensuring the technological and people impact on operations and finances is well understood. Health Boost for Oracle Applications is a catalyst to help organizations:

  • Align Oracle application platform with current and future business needs
  • Identify opportunities to improve the productivity of current processes
  • Take full advantage of underutilized application features and functions
  • Reduce dependency on customizations
  • Improve IT efficiency and lower total cost of ownership with Oracle solutions
  • Detect knowledge gaps within your team
  • Understand the benefit and value drivers for future Oracle improvement initiatives

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Cloud Overview

Two Models for Cloud Value Assessment

Rapid Assessment: (Insight Program)

  • Drives executive discussions on cloud investment and strategy.
  • One week on-site executive workshop to evaluate current business process, people and technology.


  • CIO and CFO insights for scenario planning.
  • Executive business case overview.

Comprehensive Assessment: (In-depth Program)

  • Drives executive discussions on cloud investment and strategy.
  • One week on-site executive workshop to evaluate current business process, people and technology.
  • Potential technology, business process and human capital synergies.


  • Detailed cloud viability assessment.
  • Total cost of ownership insights.
  • CIO and CFO insights for scenario planning.
  • Detailed identification of any data gaps.
  • Executive business case overview.

Datavail: Your Oracle Partner in Operational Excellence

Experience & Certifications

We have 16+ years of Oracle experience and are an Oracle Partner specializing in CNC, Financials, Cloud ERP, Cloud Build, Cloud Sell, Cloud Service, License, and Hardware.

500+ Upgrades/ Migrations

We have seamlessly completed over 500+ upgrades and migrations, delivering comprehensive solutions that drive success for our clients.

24x7x365 Global Support

We provide round-the-clock global support for all your corporate locations, ensuring smooth operations globally.

Our Methodology

We use a 5-step project implementation methodology structured to accommodate the scope of your business objectives.

Aligning with Market Leaders for a Smooth Cloud Journey

Leveraging our strong alliances with industry giants like Oracle Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure, we align your strategy with the best in the cloud business, ensuring a seamless and scalable transition and transformation.

With HealthBoost’s robust assessment methodology and strategic planning tools, your journey to the cloud becomes less about trial and error and more about strategic evolution. Embrace the cloud confidently and become a benchmark for your industry’s successful adoption.

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