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Author: JP Chen
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SQL on Linux: Exploring the System Utilities on Linux

SQL Server expert JP Chen takes on the three popular tools to help explore the systems utilities on Linux: htop, glances and iostat.

JP Chen | October 15, 2019

SQL on Linux: Configuring SQL on Linux with the mssql-conf tool

SQL Server expert JP Chen walks users through the configuration of SQL on Linux with the mssql-conf tool.

JP Chen | October 9, 2019

SQL on Linux: Creating, Backing up & Restoring a Database

Essential steps outlined to create, back up and restore a database for SQL on Linux.

JP Chen | September 18, 2019

SQL on Linux: Connecting to and Querying SQL on Linux

SQL Server expert JP Chen maps out the steps to cover connecting and querying SSMS and Azure Data Studio.

JP Chen | September 10, 2019

Get Ready for SQL Server 2008 End of Support

Protect your data by planning your migration or upgrade from SQL Server 2008 before July of 2019.

JP Chen | January 9, 2019
Migrating to Azure

Migrating Databases Over to Azure SQL Database

How do you migrate on-premise SQL Server databases over to Azure SQL Database server? In this blog, we will quickly explore two of the most popular migration options.

JP Chen | October 19, 2016
Start Microsoft Azure

Get Started with Microsoft Azure SQL Database

An overview of Microsoft Azure SQL Database and how to get started on a free trial.

JP Chen | October 12, 2016

How to Check the Recent Restore Details

As part of the migration project steps, you need to create a report to show the restore details such as the restore option, recovery options, restore start time, source file, and where the file was restored.

JP Chen | July 19, 2016
Rename Logical Physical Files

How to Rename a Database and its Logical and Physical Files

In this blog, we will explore the required steps to query the existing logical and physical file name, rename a database, rename the logical file names, and rename the physical file names.

JP Chen | July 5, 2016
Stripe Backup Multiple Files

How to Restore Your Backups from Striped Backup Files

In this blog, we will look into how we can generate the TSQL restore scripts automatically and then execute them to perform the restores.

JP Chen | June 29, 2016
Creating Your Own DBA Utilities Database

DBA Toolbox – Creating Your Own DBA Utilities Database

As a DBA, you can develop your own toolbox and be a master in the craft of administering and managing databases.

JP Chen | June 23, 2016
How to Stripe Your Backups into Multiple Files

How to Stripe Your Backups into Multiple Files

In this blog, we will explore the option to stripe the backup files into four by first running the database backups using one file and then stripe them into four files. We will then compare the backup durations.

JP Chen | June 16, 2016

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